The other day Casey and I took Gus to a beagle meet up at a nearby dog park.  (When I first typed that I wrote ‘meat up’, and now I’m slightly traumatized at the thought of dog meat).  It was seriously the cutest funniest thing ever.  Beagles by nature are one of the most amusing dog breeds – and we were kinda excited to see how Gus would stack up next to his fellow puppy-kind.  Gus has a tendency at the dog park to play half the time and then spend the other half wandering around by himself, sniffing.  And contemplating life, I’m sure.  He’s an interesting one, that pig.  Anyways, it was awesome.

I mean, look at them!




[ douglas and gus.  douglas = not a beagle.  douglas = loves to run as hard and fast as possible (2mph) and slam into people’s legs.  my legs = bruised. also, gus is smiling. ]photo4[ yup, ^^ there’s gus. ^^  just wandering around by himself. i like to picture him singing “miss independent” while roaming around all by his lonesome. ]


But probably the most amusing part of the day happened after we left…  when I sent a few of the pictures to Casey’s and my mom.  And it wasn’t until a few hours later when I was flipping through those pictures and noticed one that probably wasn’t as… cute as I had originally thought.

Photos I sent: Hey moms, we took the pig to a beagle meet up!  He’s exhausted.pigpark

They seemed innocent and cute enough.  At second glance, however, I realized that Gus probably wasn’t the only one who was exhausted….


Whoops.  Sorry moms.

Also.  These photos reveal just how stylish beagle owners are.  Who knew that stonewashed jeans and performance fleece (fleeces? flice?)  were back in style?

Until next time, pig-a-palooza.

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