ode to scarves.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with September.

On one hand, it’s JUSTNOTFAIR that summer is coming to an end.  The hubs and I hit a turning point this spring/summer when we actually started to meet and build some pretty great relationships with new people that we’ve met in Portland.  And we find ourselves constantly busy with festivals, happy hours and hikes.  (Please don’t read too much into this – I can still count my Portland acquaintances on one hand… and one of those acquaintances may or may not be my husband.  And another one may or may not be my dog, Gus.  And a third may or may not be the Starbucks barista who notices when I’ve worn heels one day and flats the next.)

On the other hand, I love fall!  Crisp air… golden leaves… and pumpkin lattes at every local coffee shop.  I also find myself much more physically active when the temperature cools down a wee bit.  It’s so much easier to go for a run when I’m not weighed down by the 17 food cart delicacies I tried the previous day at one food fest or another.  Fall is also the time when I can get away with shaving my legs every other (ok, maybe every 3rd) day.

But the bottom line is, my scarves are getting a little peeved that I’ve been weeping into them nightly, telling them how much I miss them.

So, for the sake of everything cotton/polyester blend, I am fully embracing fall with open arms.  As long as those arms are chock full of pumpkin spice lattes.  And scarves.

welcome back, me.

Oops, I accidentally did a bunch of other stuff instead of posting on this here blog. And by accidentally, I mean deliberately.  And by ‘other stuff’, I mean watching the Olympics and drinking IPA’s. (See, I’m trying!)

For reals though, I know everyone says this but where the eff did summer go?  I realize it’s a late bloomer here in Portland but c’mon… it’s mid-August already?  I kid you not when I tell you that I saw an ad for Michaels craft store for Christmas decorations!  I meeeeeean really??  I’m overwhelmed by all the fall clothes in stores and by the over-abundance of back to school commercials. (Speaking of which, if I see one more of those Target commercials with the annoying guy or girl singing about back to school supplies I’m going to throw my IPA at the TV.  Which would not be cool for 2 reasons: 1) what a waste of a brew 2) a new TV is not in “the budget”. Luckily I’ve been watching way less tube since the Olympics ended so my TV remains hops-free for now.)  Phew, sorry for the rant.

Now, what was I talking about again?  Oh that’s right, nothing.  Carry on.

Here are some snapshots of what I’ve been doing for the past 56 days.  Don’t judge me because I counted.

I ate this.  I ate this hard.  There’s a travel stop in Minnesota that has the BEST bakery goodies EVER.  It’s kind of disturbing the amount of love I have for that place.  Like an “I ate this 60 pound blueberry fritter in one day” kind of love.

I ran 10 K’s the other day and they seriously kicked my booty.  I was not prepared.  Maybe it had something to do with a certain 60 pound blueberry fritter I ate.

Gus posed for his senior pictures.  Ha! Isn’t that what this looks like??  Such a stellar young man.  He’s also the captain of the tennis team.  (Teeheehee, dogs playing tennis gives me the gigs.)

I gave Henry Rowengartner a run for his money…..

The hubs made a best man speech that brought me to tears.  I was also having my eyebrows waxed at the same time, but I’m almost positive the tears came from his speech.  Kidding… his speech was moving and wonderful and reminded me why I chose to be his lady for the rest of our lives.

I wore something cute and felt the need to show it.  That blue thing is my $2 lunch box that has joined me at 5 jobs in 4 different states.  He’s a keeper.

We did not eat here.

But we did eat here.  And it was yummers.  Beet burgers for everyone!

This happened.

My pAl and I were going to go to a movie and we ended up here instead.  Beautiful night with a beautiful friend.  Seriously, she’s amaze… she likes night (and day) drinking and doesn’t refer to her blog as her “creative outlet”.  Plus she endured a week+ of dog-sitting the Monster Dog.  Ku-dos Al.

Speaking of the Monster Dog…. here he be.  Keeping an eye out for us.  And no, that is not some sort of medieval torture device on his face.  It is merely a “gentle leader”, AKA the thing that takes his barking level down to about 500 decibels instead of 525 and prevents him from lunging at and subsequently eating anything he sees on the ground.  Anything.  He ate a rock.  I saw it go in.  I saw it come back out.  You do the math.

But on a lighter note, we found a beach!!  I was feeling a little blue that the closest beach was 2ish hours away but luckily we found out about the beach at Sauvie Island and made our first appearance this past weekend.  We only lasted about 1.5 hours no thanks to Gus, who was so beside himself and out of his element.  Yah, he has an element, it includes eating rocks and howling at inanimate objects.

We got married 2+ years ago in this very spot.  We were back there for a wedding in July so we celebrated by kissing.. and reveling in our paleness.  Gawd, get this girl to the beach!

We hiked our ballz off.  But not Gus, his ballz were already off.

Welp, that about sums it up!  See you back here in 56 days.  Totally kidding, I wouldn’t do that to all 2 of you.

¡ a midwestern fiesta !

This past weekend we flew home to Minnesota for a total of 53 hours.  In that time we went to a casino, had two lunch dates, attended a wedding and went to an engagement party all in four different towns.  We saw four parents, two nieces, and over 20 of our very best friends.  And the amount of booze drinks consumed was too many too count (or remember…).  Exhausting doesn’t begin to explain it.

In a nutshell, this was me on the flight home, finally getting home, and attempting to work yesterday.  On the plus side, it’s Tuesday and it’s almost lunch time.  Boom.  But let’s be honest…..

 [ It was totally worth it though, right fiesta dog? ]

something smells good.

One thing I’ve learned since being in Portland is that you cannot rely on the weather.  (I’ve also learned that I need to start enjoying IPA’s, but that’s a whole other story…) Anyway, it’s hard to plan outdoorsy activities when the weather has a mind of its own.  So this weekend we threw caution (and my hairstyle) to the wind and decided to go a little crazy and go to the Portland Rose Garden. The weather remained crappy but the flowers definitely brightened up an otherwise dreary day.

Plus, it saved us the hassle of feeding Gus dinner since he indulged on so many broken petals.

a little love.

One of the loves of my life is my dog Gus. He’s such a pain in the A sometimes. He requires so much attention. He always manages to sneeze directly on me. He won’t leave me alone when I’m eating spaghetti on the couch. But I love him unconditionally. And because of that, I/we (my husband may be the worse than I am) like to spoil him rotten.

[ Pic 1 – Deep in thought.  Pic 2 – one for me, one for pup ]

Not to worry though, he won’t actually ever BE rotten, because he has his own personal tube of chicken flavored toothpaste. See what I mean… ?

Photos from Instagram

hey, that’s me!

Hi everybody!  Welcome to my blog.  (And by everybody, I mean my husband… and maybe my mom)

[ blog inspiration ]

This is my first post in a very exciting blog adventure!  It can be tough to sometimes fall into the monotony of daily life and just go through the motions. This blog is my attempt to channel my creative juices (eww) and remember to stop and smell the roses (yum).

Let’s have some fun, shall we?

 [ Images via Revelment ]