our house, is a very very very fine house.

mrrogersAt long last, I bring you a few pictures of our new house.  And by a few pictures, I literally mean 3.  And by “new house”, I mean our new-to-us, 115 year-old house.  Clarifications aside, we’re loving our sweet little abode.  And regardless of the size, anything more than three total rooms feels like a castle to us.  At least once a day Casey and I have a “where ARE you?” moment when we can’t find each other.  Which is a crazy thing when we’re used to only having two rooms between the two of us.  Because you know apartments: nowhere to go, nowhere to hide.  But here in this house there are so many nooks and crannies to hide.

Let’s be honest though, it is an old ass house. So tucked into those nooks are bugs… and piled up in the crannies is dust.  Our garage is about one stiff breeze away from crumpling to the ground and we’re not quite sure what we’ll find if we ever buy a ladder tall enough to get us into our attic. (I could get on board with a friendly ghost though, as long as he looks like Devon Sawa circa 1995)

Our house definitely has it’s issues but that’s what makes it special.  All those flies? They’re our flies.  All all that dust?  That’s ours too.   And our (soon to be) garage rubble?  That’s gonna be killer firewood for the firepit we built a few weeks ago. S’mores for everyone!  (Sidenote: we’ve made s’mores 4 nights in a row.  Good thing we have extra space in this house because I’m going to need it for all my fat pants.)  I’m so excited to see what kind of shenanigans we get into in this house.  It’s gonna be friggen’ sweet.

So here are a few photos.  We still need to furnish 95% of the house and there is nothing hung on the walls and and and…

Whatever. Take a peek.  Also, come hang out with us everyone – and bring a fly swatter!

livingroom[ Living room : my favorite room. ]

diningroom[ Dining room : + Casey + Gus + peek into our kitchen ]

I will follow up with more pics of the rest of the house.  Maybe let’s do this two rooms at a time? Because honestly people, it’s a miracle if two rooms are clean at the same time so…

And in honor of TBT, here’s one more pic of the day that changed our lives.  Signing the dotted line for our very first home.

signers[ Larry Byrd was kind enough to make an appearance at our paper signing. ]

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