mn part deux.

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MN Trip 2.0 guys!  After our reunion, we spent some QT with the familias.  And like I mentioned before, it is supa nice to be from the same town for reunions sake, but yeegads it can be quite the challenge to try to spend equal time with all our families when we’re in town.  We try to make it as equal as possible but you know, it’s tough.  Between Casey’s parents and my mom and stepdad’s and then my dad and stepmom  (shout out to divorced kids everywhere!) plus siblings, nieces and nephew and grandparents, we spent approximately 1.5 days with each groupling of family.  Not a lot of time, but we loved every minute.  Except that minute that I saw a mouse… I’d like that minute to be Vanilla Sky’d from my brain immediately.

And on THAT note!  Pictures!

We spent the first leg of the trip with my mom and stepdad in their disgusting monstrosity of a home.  Seriously, ick.  Someone help.

photo (61)
photo (59)
photo (64)lake1photo (62)
 [ these boys.  are everything.  they make me the happiest auntie in the world.  they also make me tired.  very, very tired. ]
Then we caught up with the Thompson clan.  Those nieces… again, happy auntie.  And again, very tired.
Then we got to see papa.  We must have been good kids because he took us to the Twins game.  Thanks Dad!  Fried cheese and everything!gameday
photo (53)
I was a delinquent in the picture-taking department, so thanks Mama Nance and Papa for the pics!
Thank you family for making time for us when we were in town!  We miss ya’ll so much it’s stoopid.  We also miss cheese curds.  Can you bring us a hefty bag full of them when you each come visit?  Ok cool.

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