it’s cold + a beautycounter giveaway!

the time I looked like Elphaba and the kids wanted to do a face mask with me so I smeared mashed bananas on their faces. 

Popping on real quick to talk about winter and my skin clinic and skincare and self-care and Jimmy John’s.  As one does.

I’m currently sitting at one of those children’s play areas at a mall watching my kids chase each other around a giant caterpillar tunnel and a questionably shaped rocketship, both constructed purely out of germs.  It’s only 4pm (I started writing this yesterday) and it’s basically pitch black outside, which makes it feel slightly ominous to be here.  There’s an ever-present chill in the air because the play area is way too close to an exit.  Although there is a Jimmy John’s right next to the exit, which is looking like it’ll be our dinner tonight so it’s not all bad!  Everyone here is alternately bundling up to leave or bundling down to stay and you may remember my thoughts on that.  Bundling is the worst kind of evil torture.

There’s always a bit of shell shock after daylight savings ends when we’re just like, aw crap.  Here we go.  Minnesota winter. Dun DUN DUNNN. This is my family’s second-and-a-half winter back in this state and I’m sorry, but it doesn’t get any easier.  At least not for me.  There’s honestly no use in complaining… so I’ll spare you.  Except!  Can we all just agree to stop saying “it’s so cold!” in small talk, as if it’s new information?  It’s not, we all know it’s cold. (#guilty)

But anyways! I feel like I’ve gone through enough MN winters in my life that I know what personally helps me get through the months. One of my favorite ways to (attempt to) embrace the cold and cozy nights is after I put my kids to bed, I slap on a face mask, drink a cup of tea (jk it’s wine) and listen to a podcast or read a book in my cozy bed.  Sometimes I’ll paint my nails while I wait for my mask to set.  Sometimes I’ll de-pill sweaters with my favorite gadget.  Sometimes if Willa hasn’t fallen asleep yet, I’ll lay on the floor in my closet until my mask is dry so that my bedroom light doesn’t keep her awake… it may sound ridiculous but it’s actually glorious and quiet and peaceful.  Dream big, people.

If you know me well, you know I’m a skincare addict.  I have a small arsenal of potions and cleansers and masks that I rotate in depending on how peeved my skin is at the moment.  I’m not going to pretend to be any kind of expert but I’m really interested in clean beauty and skincare and at some point I want to write a full post on all of my favorite products that I’ve grown to love.  If for no other reason than it’s fun for me.

But here’s something fun for YOU! One of my favorite said clean beauty and skincare lines is Beautycounter and today my friend Krysten from BC has offered to give away a $50 gift card to one reader to use on any of their products.  I love Beautycounter for their clean and super safe products.  Some of my very favorites are the baby soothing oil, (I love this for my kids and for me!) cleansing balm, and the overnight resurfacing peel.  To enter to win, just make a comment on this here blog post or on this blog post link on my Facebook page. Go on, do it! Thanks, Krysten!

Tell me, what are you favorite tips, tricks, skincare products, podcasts, and wines that get you through the winter?


PPS Keep your eyes peeled on Krysten’s BC page because they will be posting Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals very soon!




24 thoughts on “it’s cold + a beautycounter giveaway!

  1. Adding all of these things to my cart! One of my fave skin care products is a super simple moisturizer called Eminence Organics Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturizer. It’s so simple for my sensitive skin and it smells heavenly. I mostly just use it at night since theres no SPF in it. I can’t wait to read more about your fave skincare products! LOVE you to pieces!

    1. oooh must try that!! Thank you friend! Love and miss you and let me know if you end up buying any stuff from beautycounter! ❤️

  2. Cros and Willa look delicious.

    Also, my skin is starting to resemble a lizards, so shameless post to win product:)

    Love you!

  3. I love the body wash it smells so good and your skin feels so soft after your shower.
    Everything I have tried I love!!!!

  4. Just bought my first Beautycounter products from Krysten last month. It was love at first use. My favorite winter skin item is Green Goo first aid cream. Funny name, but this family-owned company makes miracle balms. Literally it fixes any boo boo my kids can come up with.

  5. Oh oh oh! If this is the stuff you let me use in Cali, count me in!! I’m terrible at skin care and really need to re-evaluate my life. :)

    Love ya sis!

  6. I love the beautycounter facial oils and am going to try the night cream next! Since you asked I also love Skimm’d from the couch and the Ladygang podcasts. And all the wine. and vodka.

  7. This is fun! I look forward to learning more from you and to maybe winning some amazing products from beautycounter

  8. Clearly the best way to get through winter is to come visit Denver! It is warmer here, and there are mountains! Plus, baby snuggles…

  9. Freshly fridged spoons to the eyes, palmer’s cocoa butter for that all over body moistening, pai rosehip bio regenerate oil for my degenerate face, butternut pinor noir. Lurv you

  10. I’m late to this but wanted to request that “full post on all your favorite products” pronto so I can reap the benefits of all your wisdom and research.

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