hi? hi. hello.

Oh, hey buddies!  Remember me?  Yes that’s right, me, in the middle.

Bad jokes, always.

It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged and I want to take some time to explain why.  I shared an extremely personal story almost a year ago on this here bloggo.  You know the one.  Or maybe you don’t.  Regardless, it was hard to move on from, blog-wise.  Real hard.  It shook me a bit, realizing that the words I share here are accessible to anyone.  And therefore, anyone is able to comment, or gossip, or make judgements on it.  Of course I knew that prior to that post, but it was pretty tough to deal with the emotional craziness of that particular post.  I love talking about my life, my kids, my thoughts.  But for the most part, what i talked about was kinda fluff.  When it comes to the issues that matter, I take them so very seriously.  Which is why I needed to take a knee after that post.  I tried to put out a few generic posts following that whole situation but it turned out that I wanted, or maybe needed, was to take some time to just…. be.  I also wanted to take some time to figure out what this blog would be, moving forward.  It was so light-hearted for the most part and then one story took it to a deeper level that I didn’t really intend for… but also don’t at all regret.

With all this said, I want to be clear that I have not been consumed with this.  I came to peace with the response to that post pretty quickly after it happened.  And honestly this past year has been one of the best.  But given that experience, I unintentionally needed to allow myself the time to just exist without sharing my thoughts with the world.  And by world, I mean the 12 people that read my blog.  (Winky face!  Waving emoji!  Wurt urp.)  I have sat down to blog probably 100 times over the past few months but have been at a loss for words.  (Who, me?)  I actually felt forced to do it every single time.  It didn’t feel natural or good.  I guess I just really needed some time to myself?

That said.  I’m sitting here now, and I am loving typing into my crappy laptop. (Until about 7 years ago I thought it was labtop, I swear I’m a smart person!)

This feels good!  I love this space.  I love sharing my stories and my opinions and thoughts with you all.  And getting the same from you in return!  Honestly, that’s my favorite part.  Feedback and interaction is the fricken best.  I feel like I’ve grown six extra skins of protectiveness and strength in the last year.  I credit my hiatus with providing me the ability to really figure out who I really am.  And you know what?  I’m pretty cool with me. I’m pretty cool with you all too. (Heart emoji! Fist bump emoji! Wurt urp.)

So.  What I’m trying to say is that I’m back.  I’m back?  I think?  I feel like I’m finally ready to get back on the train of sharing some crap.  If you’re reading, and interested, thank you for your patience and I’m so happy you’re still here with me!  I promise to provide more BS and more shitty dad jokes and musings on junk that really doesn’t matter but makes you feel things.  If you’re into that sorta stuff. But I’m also not going to shy away from the big issues.  Because this past year has taught me that I have many dimensions, interests, and opinions and I want to share ALL of that here.  I also want to share skincare recommendations and dinner recipes because GURLS (and my dad, stepdad, and casey. are there any other dudes here?) I have some good ones.

Thanks for being here, thanks for being a buddy, and thanks for your KINDNESS! xx (Poop emoji! Wine emoji! I love you all emoji!  WURT. URP.)

7 thoughts on “hi? hi. hello.

  1. Oh my goodness! Yesssss! Welcome Back. I’m so thrilled for me (and you) that you are back in the blogger role and I can look forward to your entertaining and heartfelt posts. I love you, Sweetie. Your strength is beyond measure and I am so very proud of you❤️

  2. Wahoo! Way to go lady! You my friend are a total rockstar and am so glad that you have found joy in this again. What a talent! Sending all the goodness and positive vibes your way! Get it girl!

  3. I’m so happy to see this! Love reading your blog Shawnna. I hear your voice through your writings and smirk + just plain love reading your thoughts. Yay!

  4. Yay Shawnna you’re back! You’re my favorite . I actually don’t ever read any other blogs except yours, so have also been on a hiatus from blogging, but am excited to read your words again!! ❤️

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