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  • Yesterday I went for my mid-day walk and as I wandering along the waterfront, a twenty-something dude on a skateboard rolled up to me and asked what my name was.  He wasn’t terrible looking.  He didn’t look homeless.  He was not wielding a knife or asking me for my signature on some stupid petition.  But I got so flustered that all I could think of to say was “Why? I can’t.”  To which he sort of looked at me awkwardly and rolled away.  I really don’t know what he wanted.  But to be honest, I’m pretty sure he was hitting on me.  Or about to.  Which is probably what threw me off.  At the risk of sounding completely douchey, I used to be quite good at reading those kinds of cues and then responding accordingly.  Nowadays I can barely form a sentence, let alone a witty comeback to a very very normal question.  Or even just a NORMAL comeback to a normal question.  So, that was a fun.
  • Casey felt the baby move for the first time this week.  It had pushed itself up against my stomach so hard that we could feel it and SEE IT through my skin.  Casey was a little freaked out a first.  As soon as he felt it, he yanked his hand away and gave me this look like I’d just sneezed in his wheaties.  To be fair, it’s bizarre.  To be unfair, what a weenie.  He eventually came around and felt it again and loved it.  Pretty cool to share that with him, actually.
  • I have an embarrassing tendency to binge watch extremely girly shows.  First it was Pretty Little Liars (sometimes I get scared watching it…), then Hart of Dixie, then Felicity (HELLLLO Scott Speedman!) and now I’m onto Parenthood. I usually watch an episode or twelve right before bed or when I’m at the gym. And the other morning, I was on the elliptical at the gym watching the episode of Parenthood where (SEASON 4 SPOILER ALERT) Kristina told her family that she has breast cancer… and I started bawling.  Which I’m sure freaked out no one, a pregnant lady crying into her sweat rag.  Chalk it up to another pregnancy milestone.
  • As it’s been getting nicer out, I’ve been totes jonesing for a bike ride.  I really wish that pregnant people weren’t advised against riding bikes.  I mean, I get it.  And given my track record of bike tumbles, I definitely think I should avoid operating anything with less than four wheels.  But I desperately want to hop on Uncle Jesse (the name I’ve given to my bike, because John Stamos.) and give it a whirl around our neighborhood.  Maybe if I just wrap myself in bubble wrap first?  Or maybe Casey could get a sidecar on his bike?  His bike could be the Aunt Becky to my Uncle Jesse?  Have mercy.
  • Casey and I signed our little one up for childcare this week.  Which seems a little crazy because it’s so far in the future… I still need to like, have the baby and stuff yet.  But I’m glad we did it now because the childcare wait lists and enrollment situations are hardcore around here.   I really had no idea what we were getting into when we started looking for childcare, but can I just ask when it all got so complicated?  I know a lot of it is because Casey and I live in the hippy granola hipster capital of Earth… but some of the philosophies and methods that were talked about at some of these places were just so ridiculous.  We toured one place where they don’t like to let children under the age of 2 hold books, because books are “solid” and children are spiritual fairy-like beings that shouldn’t be weighed down by concrete things.  ??????  I mean.  Seriously?  I’m surprised I still have eyeballs left in my face after how hard I rolled them.  But anyways, we did end up finding a really lovely place that doesn’t make us want to hurl, and allows children to read books.  Small victories.
  • I just found out that gummy bears are not vegetarian.  I need to take the weekend to process this news.  So, see ya.

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  1. Fun Friday Stuff! You’re a hoot and I love you to pieces❤️. Enjoy your weekend and remember – your name is Shawnna!

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