dog park diaries: eddie’s big adventure.

IMG_1239A couple of weeks ago, on a particularly gloomy, muddy day, we took the pups to Disneyland for dogs.  I’ve mentioned this place before… it’s a huge (a thousand acres to be exact) open dog park I found using a software for vet clinics where you can let your dogs off leash and take these wonderful little hikes through the woods and down to the Columbia River.  It’s not technically fenced in but it’s so freaking big that you usually don’t have to worry about your dog getting to close to the “edge” or running off.  It’s beautiful and nature-y and we kinda love it out there.

It was our first time bringing Mr. Ed there and we were super pumped to let him and Gus run around and get so exhausted that all they’d want to do is lay around for the rest of the day.  We always give ourselves a firm pat on the back when we do some kind of family activity that leaves our dogs so exhausted that they can’t move.  It’s like we just parented the crap out of them.

Anyways, it was Ed’s first time there, like I said.  And we were a little nervous about letting him off his leash since he was a free-range, outside dog in his past life before we adopted him, but we figured he wouldn’t stray too far from us since the kid is mildly-severely obsessed with us.  Well.  That my friends, was not the case.  As soon as we unhooked his leash, he bolted.  Hard.  At first we just looked at each other and nervous giggled, like ok he’s just going to do a quick old-school, gym class crusher and turn around and come back to us.  But no.  He kept going.  We chased him down the path and into this big clearing but he was gone.  I cried, Casey got real serious, and this whole time Gus just continued to sprint around us like the cracked out pig that he is.  I immediately imagined that Eddie’d resorted to his old ways and just ran off, fjorded the river (the Oregon Trail is no joke) and was halfway to Washington already.

We decided to split up to look for him, which was a good idea in theory except Gus couldn’t decide who he wanted to go with… which resulted in him running back and forth between us to the point where we thought HE was lost too.  A good 30 minutes later, I got a call from a lovely couple who had found Eddie.  Apparently after he sprinted full blast away from us, he eventually came back to where he left us and sheepishly sauntered up to this couple and their dog.  After they found my number on his dog tag and called me, they were kind enough to hang out with him while I ran the full mile back to where they were.  And they hardly seemed bothered at all as I thanked them profusely while trying to mop up the sweat, tears and snot that had accumulated all over my face.

And so.  Thus concludes this edition of the dog park diaries.

Untitled3 Untitled3 Untitled IMG_0001IMG_0002[ i spy: gus ]IMG_1266

Also, the Oregon Trail makes t-shirts.

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