Well HI THERE!  Season’s Greetings and all that jazz.  

Ehhhrmergerrrrd!  Can you believe that Christmas is next freaking week?  I feel like it was JUST Thanksgiving yesterday.  Where the H. has time gone?

We’ve totally been getting into the Christmas spirit this year.  I’d say this year has been the Chrismost, if you will.  We kicked it off early — our Christmas tree has been proudly displayed since two days after Thanksgiving.  After getting our first legit tree last year, I am now a firm believer in getting a real tree, and getting it basically as soon we’ve digested our Thanksgiving meal. No earlier though, because Thanksgiving deserves our FULL (pun totally intended) attention before switching gears to all the Christmas junk.  And since we’re going to be in MN for the week of Christmas, we wanted to get the most of out of a tree before leaving.  I’m sure we’ll come back from MN to a pile of brown needles and some dead squirrels on the ground but thas’ok.   There’s something life changing about having a decorated tree in your house.  It’s just so magical and cheeseball.  Good times.

We’ve also been making it our life’s mission to watch as many Christmas movies as possible lately.  Monday night we actually went to a Home Alone party… we ate junk (cheese pizza) and watched rubbish (Home Alone 1 & 2) from the comfort of our friend’s awesome theater room.  It’s probably my favorite party theme ever.  The silver tuna.

Ehrmmm what else?  We went to check out the lights on Peacock Lane, which is this tiny little street in Portland where every single house goes batshit crazy with Christmas decorations.  It’s pretty amazing.  And people LOVE it.   The street was jampacked… and of course we brought the dogs, which made it suuuper fun to try to navigate around.  Even though they were on their leashes, Eddie kept freaking out because he thought he lost us in the crowd.  Kind of funny, that one.  And I kept freaking out because I was afraid he was going to lift his leg and pee on a small child.

And on that note, may I now present… Christmas stuffs. Merry merry.tree 1 tree 2[ i sawed down the second half of our tree.  with my muscles ]tree 3tree 4tree 5wk1402 wk1400[ this was the holiday party at my last job, which coincidentally fell the night before my last day on the job.  i like to think it was my going away party… ]lights 1 lights 4 lights 3 lights 2gustard

That’s it, that’s all.  Keep the change ya filthy animal.


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