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hi? hi. hello.

Oh, hey buddies!  Remember me?  Yes that’s right, me, in the middle.

Bad jokes, always.

It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged and I want to take some time to explain why.  I shared an extremely personal story almost a year ago on this here bloggo.  You know the one.  Or maybe you don’t.  Regardless, it was hard to move on from, blog-wise.  Real hard.  It shook me a bit, realizing that the words I share here are accessible to anyone.  And therefore, anyone is able to comment, or gossip, or make judgements on it.  Of course I knew that prior to that post, but it was pretty tough to deal with the emotional craziness of that particular post.  I love talking about my life, my kids, my thoughts.  But for the most part, what i talked about was kinda fluff.  When it comes to the issues that matter, I take them so very seriously.  Which is why I needed to take a knee after that post.  I tried to put out a few generic posts following that whole situation but it turned out that I wanted, or maybe needed, was to take some time to just…. be.  I also wanted to take some time to figure out what this blog would be, moving forward.  It was so light-hearted for the most part and then one story took it to a deeper level that I didn’t really intend for… but also don’t at all regret.

With all this said, I want to be clear that I have not been consumed with this.  I came to peace with the response to that post pretty quickly after it happened.  And honestly this past year has been one of the best.  But given that experience, I unintentionally needed to allow myself the time to just exist without sharing my thoughts with the world.  And by world, I mean the 12 people that read my blog.  (Winky face!  Waving emoji!  Wurt urp.)  I have sat down to blog probably 100 times over the past few months but have been at a loss for words.  (Who, me?)  I actually felt forced to do it every single time.  It didn’t feel natural or good.  I guess I just really needed some time to myself?

That said.  I’m sitting here now, and I am loving typing into my crappy laptop. (Until about 7 years ago I thought it was labtop, I swear I’m a smart person!)

This feels good!  I love this space.  I love sharing my stories and my opinions and thoughts with you all.  And getting the same from you in return!  Honestly, that’s my favorite part.  Feedback and interaction is the fricken best.  I feel like I’ve grown six extra skins of protectiveness and strength in the last year.  I credit my hiatus with providing me the ability to really figure out who I really am.  And you know what?  I’m pretty cool with me. I’m pretty cool with you all too. (Heart emoji! Fist bump emoji! Wurt urp.)

So.  What I’m trying to say is that I’m back.  I’m back?  I think?  I feel like I’m finally ready to get back on the train of sharing some crap.  If you’re reading, and interested, thank you for your patience and I’m so happy you’re still here with me!  I promise to provide more BS and more shitty dad jokes and musings on junk that really doesn’t matter but makes you feel things.  If you’re into that sorta stuff. But I’m also not going to shy away from the big issues.  Because this past year has taught me that I have many dimensions, interests, and opinions and I want to share ALL of that here.  I also want to share skincare recommendations and dinner recipes because GURLS (and my dad, stepdad, and casey. are there any other dudes here?) I have some good ones.

Thanks for being here, thanks for being a buddy, and thanks for your KINDNESS! xx (Poop emoji! Wine emoji! I love you all emoji!  WURT. URP.)

sunday things.

1. I promised Casey that I would finally start watching Game of Thrones with him because the dude’s been bugging me about it for ages.  And we’re maybe 4 episodes in and I’m just like.  Why.  Someone please tell me what it is about this show that makes everyone’s nips hard?  I just don’t get it.  Does it take a while to get into? Halp me understand.

2. Speaking of ridiculous TV shows.  I’m feeling pretty meh about the pick for the next Bachelor.  What’s his name even?  Archie?  Arnie?  I could just goog it but that means opening up a new tab and reading and I’m just feeling kinda lazy right now.  Anyways, I didn’t watch when Alfie was on whoever’s season so I have no emotional connection to him.  But maybe that’s a good thing?  Or maybe I just won’t watch it this season?  (Somewhere in this house Casey is rolling his eyes hysterically at the thought of that ever happening.)

3. Willa is getting pretty close to walking.  Part of me is all, you better don’t! as I shove her down from standing.  But another part of me really wants this because she has been so physically needy lately.  Particularly during the hours of 4-6pm.  She just wants to be held nonstop.  Which makes it difficult to do anything else, especially make dinner.  I think walking might distract her long enough for me to make our weekly stuffed lobsters with crab imperial.  (Somewhere in this house Casey is rolling his eyes hysterically at the thought of that ever happening.)  ((And mentally calculating how much that dish would cut into our monthly budget.))

4. Ok seriously though.  I’m in a bit of a cooking rut.  I’m so bored with it, quite honestly.  When you consistently cook 3 meals a day plus at least 2 snacks for a family… it gets old as shit.  Not trying to complain but whyyyyy.  Any of you awesome parents have super quick, super delicious, super cheap recipes that a toddler will actually eat?  Please send them my way!  And while you’re at it, could you please send me some chinese takeout too thanksssss.  And a bottle of wine.  Red.  No, white.  No red.  Both.  And some twizzlers.  And sushi!  Wait.  What were we talking about again?

5. Crosby is starting preschool this week (I can’t even.) and last week his teacher came over for a home visit.  We’d been practicing her name for several days prior to that (Mrs. O) and so while she was here I asked Crosby if he remembered what her name was… and he shouted MRS. O!  Which was super great yay good job etc!  And then he very quickly followed it up with MR. POOP!  ::facepalm::  I don’t know if she actually heard this because she was getting something out of her purse in the other room at the time.  But seriously, what is it with little kids and the word poop?  How do they decide that it’s such a funny thing to say?  I don’t know how but I’m sure in some way it’s Donald Trumps fault.

6. Embarrassing thing I’ve googled recently: what do bears in zoos do in the winter?

7. Something that I’ve noticed since moving back to MN… drivers here do not care about pedestrians at.all.  In Portland, pedestrians are treated like royalty.  Drivers basically stop and roll out a red carpet for anyone who looks even remotely interested in jaywalking across a busy road.  I loved it!  But here, folks could care freaking less.  A few weeks ago I saw an old couple trying to cross a fairly busy road and no one stopped.  Finally someone did, but as the couple crossed, an oncoming car started honking their horn from like, forever away.  It was so sad!  MN drivers, get your shit together and slow down for the elderly.  And me and my kids.

8. Has anyone seen IT?  Casey has been begging me to see it with him… but I fear as though I may need to borrow one of Crosby’s diapers if I watch it.  I used to love scary movies but now I’m a big fat weanie and I would prefer to not start weeping in the middle of a crowded theater.

9. Casey and I are house-swapping with my mom and stepdad this coming weekend.  Meaning we’re going to go and stay at their house in Alexandria and they’re going to come and stay at our place…. with our kids.  aliwaleijweliwgoismlwiejfioih!!!!  I have only spent one night away from Willa and Crosby since Willa was born (she’ll be 1 in October).  So I feel like this weekend is well deserved.  We’re going on a date on Friday night and a grape stomp at our wedding winery with some friends on Saturday.  I’m obviously going to miss my sweet little ankle biters, but I am also suuuuuper pumped to pee in peace for a whole weekend.

10. I took these photos of Crosby and Willa over a month ago but I’ve been having some computer troubles, so I just finally got them loaded on here and anyways here they are and you’re like shut up already would you.  Well here they are if you’d like to see!

I mean…. how precious and perfect and cute are they!?!!!


But let’s be honest, this is what life with these two actually looks like…

bumpdate: 32 weeks.

shawnnathompson_32weeksWeeks: 32 weeks
Baby is the size of: a plastic scooterboard (lol wut)
Weight gain: This is a safe space, right?  So I’ll give it to you straight… I weigh almost as much NOW as I did when I gave birth to Crosby.  (!!!)  Honestly, I feel fine about the poundages, I’m not freaking out about it… but the thing is that I also feel so much bigger this time around.  If you don’t believe me, just look at today’s photo compared to my 31-week photo with Crosby.  Yikes.  Makes me wonder what kind of zoo animal I’m going to look like by 40 weeks….?!
Cravings: I’m in the ice water stage of pregnancy again.  In that I need it at all times.  Seriously, don’t even think of handing me a glass of water unless it has about a eleventy billion ice cubes in it.  Please and thank you.  My obsession is so ridiculous that I bought a fancy new thermos that’s supposed to keep your water icy for much longer than regular old lame cups, and then I even went a step further and got stainless steel straws that make your water even colder as you’re drinking it. #highmaintenance #getalife
Sleep: Good-ish. But I’ve been waking up on my back a lot, which really freaks me out.
Movement: Less but more.  Does that make sense?  Like less overall kicks and jabs, but much bigger movement/she covers a wider girth than before.  (Can we collectively agree that I never use the word girth again? Cool.)
Symptoms: Is nesting considered a symptom? If so, I’m suffering from it.  Ever since we got back from our trip to Minnesota a few weeks ago, I’ve been stressing about getting everything in order ASAP.   We don’t have a ton of things to buy necessarily (although if someone could gift us a double stroller, that’d be greeeeeeeat) but we have some general preparing, planning, and reorganizing of our house and sleeping situations in order to accommodate baby girl’s arrival.  I want to feel like my house/life is as organized as possible when she gets here.  That’s super easy to do, right?
Missing:  I want a big ol sliced turkey sandwich without the fear of listeria.
Happenings: 9 times out of 10, if you ask Crosby where his baby sister is, he very gently pats my boobs.  Close enough buddy, close enough. shawnnathompson_32weeks_2

bumpdate: 27 weeks

IMG_6153Weeks: 27
Baby is the size of:  A camping lantern. Which reminds me that I really want to go camping at least once before this summer peaces out.  Though the idea of sleeping on the ground in my condition is less than desirable. Is it still considered camping if I bring my king-sized bed along?  Is it still considered camping if we just stay home and open our windows and put Crosby’s sound machine on the “forest” setting?  Is it still considered camping if I do none of the above and just eat 12 s’mores in my backyard?
Weight gain: I still have no idea. But I can tell you that the act of bending over has started to require some serious planning and deliberation.
Cravings: I eat ice cream almost every night.  So it’s safe to say I’m not craving spinach.
Sleep:  Meh.
Movement:  Every once in a while, baby girl will hit/kick/punch my… uh… southern region.  You know what I’m saying?  To give you a hint, it rhymes with shmervix.  (Heyo!)  Other pregos know what I’m talking about?  It’s a sudden, sharp pain that sends a shock wave through my legs and simultaneously makes me feel like I’m going to pee my pants.  It’s really uncomfortable AND it almost always happens in public.  So what I’m saying is if you ever see me out and about and I suddenly look as though I’ve been drop-kicked in the v, it’s because I HAVE.

I feel as though I may have crossed a line with that one.  Are we still friends?
Symptoms:  My gums have been super sore lately.  Which could be pregnancy related, or it could be because I have a dental appointment coming up and I’ve been flossing more than normal in anticipation of it.  Anyone else guilty of this?
Missing:  Beer festivals.  The epitome of summer in Portland.
Happenings:  We have done so very little to prepare for baby girl’s arrival.  Like, nothing, actually.  But we leave for MN today for two weeks and I’m confident that by the time we get back to Portland I will be in full nesting mode.  If nesting mode means being curled up in a ball eating ice cream.


IMG_8206This post is a week overdue but I still feel the need to put it to paper.  Errr…. to interwebs.  You know what they say, if you don’t blog about it, it didn’t actually happen.  True story.

Anyways, I turned 31 last weekend!  I don’t know why I’m !exclaiming! that because at this point it’s not something I feel the need to brag about.  Remember when Casey turned 31 and he had this whole theory about how you’re not really “in your 30’s” until you turn 31? And then I made fun of him?  Per usual.  And now… I totally understand where he’s coming from.  It’s all fun and games until you turn 31.  Is my new motto.  No it’s not.  I’m actually totally fine with it, but I do get what he’s saying now.

I had such a fun birthday weekend.  Well, birthday week, really.  If this birthday had a theme, I would say it was pampering.

Wait, is it just me or does the word “pampering” conjure up a completely different image after having a kid?  I mean, I’m assuming that’s how Pampers got their name, right?  I don’t like it.  Waa.  Excuse me while I go thesaurus an alternative word.

OK, I’m back.  Let’s try this again.  If this birthday had a theme, I would say it was mollycoddling.  (<— lol wut.)  Throughout the course of the week, I got a mani/pedi with one of my besties, I got my hair did, and my mom took me to get a facial and massage.   Plus, just having my mom here meant I barely had to cook, I barely had to change a diaper, I got treats and coffees and free time to do things like take a nap and take a toddler-free shower.  See!  I was mollycoddled!   Best part of all of it was the fact that my mom was here.  She’s the queen of making people feel special on their birthdays.  Decorations, cakes, gifts and cards, free babysitting.  She’s the very very best.

On my birthday night, Casey took me to dinner at a place where the servers use that little scraper thing that wipes up crumbs in between each course.  AKA fancy.  It was so freaking good, we’re convinced we cleaned our plates better than any other person that ate there that night.  We had a serious conversation about how they probably brought our plates back to the kitchen and were like, oh these are clean, did anyone even eat on them? we don’t even need to wash them.  Basically we were the King and Queen of the clean plate club, is what I’m trying to say.

And yes, that’s a whole paragraph on how much we ate at dinner.  It’s an exciting life we lead.

It was such a great birthday, and I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful family and friends to help me celebrate… me.  

birthdaybafoonsYou guys. What is wrong with us?  It took us approximately 37 tries to get a photo of just the two of us, without Crosby.  Here’s just a small smattering of the outtakes.  And why are our eyes shut in all of them?  Is this what happens when you’re officially in your 30’s?  Are your eyes more sensitive to light or something?  Help.


Here’s to 31!  So far, so good.

Posts from my 28th, 29th and 30th birthdays herehere and here.

shit parents say: volume 2.

Crosby turned 7 months old this past weekend, which is crazy, exciting, bittersweet, etcetera etcetera. I thought 6 months was great, but 7 takes the cake.  It’s so true what everyone keeps telling us, it just keeps getting better and better.  Crosby smiles and giggles more every single day.  He still hasn’t mastered sitting but he is army crawling like a boss.  He babbles adorably and hits Mariah Carey-decibel high notes when he screeches.  He is interacting with the dogs more than ever, though the dogs aren’t really fans of his grabby hands.  They ARE, however, fans of his grubby hands, and of all the food he drops on the floor from the high chair as we explore the world of solids.

I could blubber on and on about how cool my little man is.  But for y’alls sake, I won’t.  Instead, in honor of this milestone, I bring you another edition of “shit parents say”.  These are just a few of the ridiculous things Casey and I have found ourselves saying over the past few months.  No surprise, still lots of talk of poop, boobs and toots.  Basically all the double o’s. (<—- Which could probably be added to the list…. )

So here we go!  shit parents say: volume dos.

“I found a piece of my hair in his dirty diaper, should I be concerned?”

“I just want to eat his face with a spoon!”

“What happened to the Baby Einstein Pandora station?”

“OMG buddy, I could have sworn you pooped but I guess it was just a really bad fart.”  (said by Casey almost every single day while checking Crosby’s diaper.)

“Make sure to wash his hands really well, I’m pretty sure he was carrying around a booger all day.”

“Sometimes I feel like if I let you look at my boobs, then I’m cheating on Crosby.”

“Who cares what I’m wearing… what’s Crosby going to wear??”

“Make sure to wipe under his balls, there is always poop caught up there.”

“There’s a piece of carrot in his ear.  He had carrot 2 days ago.”

(at bedtime) “Ok Cros, time to put on your pjizzles!  ….Wait….that definitely doesn’t sound right.”

“My boobs are exhausted.”
The end.
 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetshawnnathompson_april2_4
Happy 7 months, baby guy.  I love you times a million.  But for your sake, I hope you never read this. xo
And in case you missed it, read shit parents say: volume 1 here.

real talk: my advice for expectant mamas.

shawnnathompson_advice_4Almost every Tuesday since Crosby was born, he and I have gone to a baby + parent group at the hospital I delivered at. (I still don’t know if I can technically say I “delivered” Crosby, since I had a c-section.  “Delivered” seems so… vaginal. Can someone research that and let me know? I’m too lazy to. Kthxbai.)  We really love going to class.  Me: for the adult interaction with people who are going through the same shenanigans that I am.  Crosby: for the overhead lighting.  The kid loves a good 60-watt soft tone lightbulb.

Anyhoo, yesterday at class we got to talking about advice.  Specifically, advice we’d give to expectant moms, now that all of us have been at this parent thing for a few months. A lot of the answers people came up with were regarding how the expectations before having a baby don’t really match up to the reality.  Whether it’s breastfeeding or sleeping or just the pure exhaustion of keeping a little human alive.  Which was all legit and true.  Because honestly, what you imagine life will be like with a baby is kind of hogwash compared to the actual reality of having a baby.

Well so anyways.  I thought about this topic for a while after class and tried to remember what surprised me the most after having a baby.  I thought about what advice I would have loved to hear.  And what I came up with, what my most important piece of advice to any new mom would be, is:

Do not be surprised if you feel like a fucking insane person for a while after you have your baby.  

Let me explain.  Right after Crosby was born and through the first week of his life, I was ecstatic.  Like :: this is amazing!  my baby is amazing!  breastfeeding is amazing!  I am amazing!  no sleep is amazing! I look amazing!  I feel amazing! :: type of situation.  I was on cloud 9.  I was also on a whole truckload of pain killers. (C-section.)

Week two hit, and I went off my pain meds.  Breastfeeding did not continue to be amazing.  My adrenaline was gone, and I started to get exhausted.  And then the feelings hit.  So.many.FEELINGS.  Feelings that burst out of my eyes in the form of tears at least 10 times per day.  Anything could set me off, and everything did.  It was overwhelming.  But even though there were so many emotions, I couldn’t quite pinpoint the source of my internal mayhem.  I kept saying to Casey, “I don’t know why I’m crying?!”  He was as supportive as a guy could possibly be, but there was only so much he could do or say.  It was all in my head. I felt overwhelmed and numb at the same time.  I felt lonely.  I wondered if I’d ever feel like myself again.  During this time, I felt like I was failing Crosby.  I felt insanely guilty that I had a healthy, amazing little guy right in front of me, yet I was lost in a sea of emotions.  What was wrong with me.

Sure, I’d heard about baby blues and of course I was aware that that was a possibility.  But to this day I don’t think that that’s what it was.  I mean, maybe a little… but not to the fullest extent.  I know women who have truly experienced post-partum depression and I can see the struggle and the heartache it can bring.  But for me, I think it was a mixture of coming off of a junkie-sized amount of medication and just being over-freaking-whelmed.  I remember talking to my best friend around day 9 (she’s a mama of two) and asking her if it was normal that I couldn’t stop crying.  She reassured me that yes, it was “normal” but it wouldn’t last forever.  She also reminded me of what my body had gone through and that my life had just changed in the craziest way possible and that I just needed time to adjust to that. She also told me that the feelings of guilt that I was having were feelings I’d get to know pretty well as time went on.  And she was so right.  The mom guilt struggle is real.  #TMGSIR. (<—- can we make that a thing?  Yes?  No?  Maybe so?)

Luckily (?) the peak of my rollercoaster only lasted about a week-ish.  I didn’t really talk to many people about it other than a few friends, my mom and Casey.  But since then, I’ve heard many other women talk about having similar experiences.  And I keep wondering why, if so many other people go through these same emotions, why don’t people talk about it more?  Why do we expect new parents to be nothing but elated?  I mean, yes it’s exciting and you will be elated!  But also?  Having a baby is INSANE.  And what’s even more insane is to expect yourself to be shitting rainbows and barfing unicorns because you just brought a life into the world.  I mean.  YOU JUST BROUGHT A LIFE INTO THE WORLD.  Via your ladyparts and/or a hole in your abdomen.  Right?!?!  Insane.  In the membrane.

So to recap.  My advice to any expectant mom out there: be prepared to be a hot fucking mess.  Or not.  But maybe.  Maybe your mess will be minimal, like just a little candy wrapper.  Maybe your mess will be big, like Britney Spears circa hair shave of 2007.  Regardless of the extent of your emotional rollercoaster, it’s all okay.  And it will get better.  New moms?  You are doing a GREAT JOB.  But please do not be afraid to talk about how you’re feeling.  With your husband or partner, your friends, your mom, James Blunt, Pinot Noir, Sleepless in Seattle, or even just your regular doctor.  Or me!  Hi!  And I repeat, it WILL get better.  You are not alone.

That’s all I got.  Well, that and be prepared to lose all your damn hair. Post-partum hair loss is real. #PPHLIR (<—– can we make that a thing too?  and all post pictures of our receding hairlines? No?)

And on that note, here are a few more pictures of me without makeup.  Because real life.


Any pearls of wisdom y’all would like to share?  I’d love to hear.


shit parents say: volume 1.

IMG_3947Hi buddies!  TGIF and stuff.  To kick off the weekend, I thought I’d share some quotes from the front lines of parenthood.  As a mama of a newborn, it’s ridiculous the things that come out of my mouth sometimes.  What’s more ridiculous is how accustomed both Casey and I have become to talking about certain things.  SO, I decided it was time to document some of the shit we’ve said since becoming parents, you know, for future reference.  Some of these are embarrassing, others are funny, and all of them are #parentingforreal.

You’re welcome.  I’m sorry.  God bless.

Here we go!

“Oh man, I have poop under my fingernail again.”

“I’m supposed to pump until my boobs get floppy.”

“I can’t wait to tell our baby that I was his first french kiss.”

“See this spot on my shirt? It’s either breastmilk, poop, or yogurt.”

“Did he poop or fart?  Check with your hand.”

“Where is my lactation tea?!”

“Make sure the dog doesn’t eat his poop again.”

“I just poked him in the eye with my nipple.”

“It looked like peanut butter.  Light green peanut butter.”

“My right boob is 5 times the size of my left right now.”

(while applying diaper cream) “I think I just accidentally gave him a boner.”

The end.

Are we still friends?

Feel free to share some of your parent-isms below.  And happy weekend!

things i swore i’d never do. and some holiday photos!

shawnnathompson_holidayphotos_2I’ve been meaning to share a few of the sweet pics that our lovely photographer friend Christy took a while back.  (Christy also took Crosby’s newborn photos, a whopping 4.5 months ago. Can you believe?!  Excuse me while I go weep in the corner.)  We had planned this little shoot a month or so before the holidays so we could get a photo to use for our first ever family Christmas card.

Here are my thoughts on Christmas cards, if you’d like to hear them.  I’ve always thought they were kind of silly.  In this day and age of Facebook and Instagram and iPhones and blogs (hey!), I feel like there are ample opportunities to see pictures of your friends and family at any time, if you so choose.  So I used to think, really what’s the point of sending people a picture of yourself that you’ll probably post to social media anyways?  I don’t know, is that Grinchy of me?  Maybe.  But the point is that I certainly never intended on sending one.  But then, I had a kid… and I changed my mind.  Probably because I’ll take any opportunity to show him off, is the honest truth.  So I get it now, I totally understand why people send out Christmas cards.  I am one of those people now.  Hello my name is Shawnna, and I’m a Christmas card sender-outer.  I even thought of a theme for us to follow every year – choosing a Christmas song lyric and taking a photo inspired by it.  #cheesymccheeserson Who knows how long we’ll keep up that tradition, but so far we’ve done it every year since Crosby was born.

So does sending out a Christmas card make me a hypocrite?  Yes, yes it does.  But you know, it’s whatever.  Parenthood makes you feel and do strange things.  In facto, there are loads of other things I do now that I swore I wouldn’t when I became a parent.  Like speaking to Crosby in a baby voice (sometimes I do try talking to him in my normal voice, but it makes me feel like an asshole)…. or using my saliva to clean something off his face (convenient. effective. efficient.) …. and smelling his butt when we’re in public to see if he pooped (sometimes the difference between a fart and a poop can be catastrophic).

Well that got weird quickly.

Our holiday photos!  Was the point of this blog post.  Off you go.

Crosby's Holiday Photos (012 of 050)Crosby's Holiday Photos (023 of 050)shawnnathompson_holidayphotos_3 Crosby's Holiday Photos (021 of 050)Crosby's Holiday Photos (025 of 050)shawnnathompson_holidayphotos_1 Crosby's Holiday Photos (030 of 050) shawnnathompson_holidayphotos_5shawnnathompson_holidayphotos_7 shawnnathompson_holidayphotos_4Crosby's Holiday Photos (044 of 050)shawnnathompson_holidayphotos_6Crosby's Holiday Photos (034 of 050)shawnnathompson_holidayphotos_8shawnnathompson_holidayphotos_9And here is our actual Christmas card… if you care to scroll just an inch further…
Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 1.51.53 PM“Everyone! Come see how cute my baby is!”, said the Christmas card convert.

Now I’m curious, what things did you swear you’d never do as a parent?  Or am I the only hypocrite around these parts….?


…? Bueller…….?

new year weekend stuffs.

shawnnathompson_ny_coast_5Happy first Monday of the year!  Whomp.

How was your New Year’s Eve’s’s’s’s?  Glittery and champagney and Carson Daley-ey?  What did you do and who did you see?

Our good friends had a NYE party, so we loaded up Crosby and all his gear and schlepped it over to their place.  We got to show the baby off for a bit and then we tucked him in to sleep in a nice quiet room so that we could go off and have drinks and play flip cup.  Because nothing says “responsible parent” like a game of flip cup, two levels below your sleeping baby.

Also, nothing says “responsible parent” like missing the countdown because you’re breastfeeding your kid in your friend’s spare bedroom at 11:58pm.  When the clock struck midnight, Casey and I were upstairs with Crosby and we had no idea.  We all of a sudden heard our friends cheering from the living room and so we looked at the clock, then looked at each other and said “oh.. I think it’s 2015 now?” / “should we kiss?” / “sure.”  So, we leaned in and gave each other a smooch, lightly smashing Crosby’s face into my boob in the process.

Happy first New Year, little guy.

Anyhoo.  I really have no resolutions this year (what kind of blogger am I?) because I feel like I have enough to occupy my mind these days.  But we are doing Whole 30 for the month of January because dammit I need to lose those last few pounds of baby weight that are still hanging on for dear life on my stomach/ass/legs/arms/chins.  I think that about covers it.  My fingers have slimmed down quite nicely though, thanks for asking ;)  Anyways, we’re 5 days into the diet and so far so good.  Although it’s expensive and I feel like I’ve pretty much eaten the same things for my last 15 meals.  And I just want a block of cheese for the love of Harry Potter!  Other than that, it’s not too bad.  I have to admit though that we cheated and each had a few beers this past weekend because we refuse to let this diet ruin our social life.  So, you know, priorities.

Other weekend haps: we took a trip to Cannon Beach on the coast. It was Crosby’s first trip there and he was so very pleased.  And by that I mean he stared at things with the same impassive look he wears 99% of the time.  He totally pulls it off.  OH!  And the whole way to and from the coast (and then basically for the rest of the weekend) we listened to Serial.  We became obsessed!  Have you guys listened?  What do you think?  I still don’t know what to believe even now that it’s over.  Gah!

Picture time? Sure, why not.

shawnnathompson_ny_coast_8 shawnnathompson_ny_coast_6 IMG_3866shawnnathompson_ny_coast_3 shawnnathompson_ny_coast_1 shawnnathompson_ny_coast_2 IMG_3925 IMG_3912 IMG_3905 IMG_3898 IMG_3897 IMG_3880 IMG_3877 IMG_3875shawnnathompson_ny_coast_4

Peace out 2014!