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thursday things.

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1. You guys.  This is big.  The new Gilmore Girls episodes have an official premiere date of November 25th.  If anyone needs me the day after Thanksgiving, I’ll be glued to the couch, eating leftover turkey sandwiches and hanging with Rory and Lorelei.  Oh, and taking care of a newborn.  NBD.

2. Mothers of small males… help me.  What’s the official rule with swim diapers and swimsuits in public places?  Do little dudes always need a swim diaper on with their swimsuit?  Or only when their swimsuit doesn’t have the meshy part?  I can’t seem to figure it out.

3. Speaking of my adorable small male… I have a love/hate relationship with this age/phase of his life. Am I allowed to say that?  Let me be clear, I love HIM more than anything… but this PHASE is kinda gnarly.  The thing of it is, he’s so fun and sweet and charming!… like, 60% percent of the time.  The other 40%, he’s crying and whining NON.STOP and for no apparent reason.  I think that it’s a combo of his inability to communicate everything he wants to + testing his boundaries and the such, but for the love of mozzarella sticks, it’s so frustrating.  For all of us.  I know it’s tough on him too, and I’m trying so so hard to be patient and talk him through as much as possible.  But for a person with high anxiety (hi!), the constant sound of whining and crying is like taking a cheese grater to my nerves.  We’ve all been practicing taking a lot of deep breaths lately.  Anyway.  Anyone that I mention this to who has older kids is like MWAHAHAHAHA just wait until he’s 2/3! and I’m all like, shove it.  Maybe this will be his most frustrating age?!  Maybe?!!!!?  MAYBE!  Yah, I doubt it too.

4. Ok, thanks for letting me vent.  Now let me talk about how cute my kid is.  If you follow me on instagram, you maybe saw this video.  He’s been saying new words almost daily and it is so so fun.  But my favorite by far is his “ohhhh yesss”!  Which he says with just a slight lisp.  Sometimes when he says it, I think he sounds like an old-timey fortune teller.  It’s truly the greatest and it makes me want to lick his face.  Is…. that weird?

5. Portland friends, where is the best place to get fried chicken?  I’m asking for a friend…

6. I have something kind of crazy to tell you… I love Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook Cravings.  I started following Chrissy on social media a while ago because 1) she’s hilar and 2) she was always talking about and cooking amazing-looking food.  My two criteria for best friendship status.  Then I found out she had a food blog that I started following, and then she came out with Cravings and I gotta say…. it’s awesome.  I’ve made probably 10+ things from it in the last few weeks and we’ve loved (almost) everything.  Homegirl like’s her shiz spicy though, so I learned the hard way to cut back on some of the peppers/hot sauces.

7. Speaking of spicy, and also something I put on instagram…. sometimes I tell Crosby that things are spicy if I don’t want to share them with him.  Don’t you judge me!  I’m pregnant!  It’s the baby’s fault!

8. When we were in Paris I made sure to stop into a few French pharmacies to check out their famous skincare products. I picked up a couple of things but I have to say that the Embryolisse face cream I bought is magnificent.  I’m so in love with it.  I’ve been using it for about a month now and my face feels like Crosby’s ass.  (??!?)   Anyways, I just started to get worried about what I would do once I ran out but a quick google search taught me that it’s sold at Sephora. HA!  Serves me right for thinking I was being all cool and Franch when I bought it.  But I don’t care because now I know I can buy it whenevs!  And so can you!  Though it is much more expensive here than it was in Paris.  Maybe I need to go back and stock up?  Casey?  Thoughts?

9. Have you guys been watching the Bachelorette?  Ugh, I’m so invested this season and it’s kind of driving me nuts.  I love Jojo but…. she’s been making some really questionable decisions.  In my professional opinion, she just sent home the 2 guys that she has the most actual potential with.  The final two are just duddly duds… with beautiful abs.  Also, I’ve loved Chase from Day 1 but I think watching him crack a beer after being dumped was the most hilarious shit ever.  I love him even more now.  Sometimes I feel the urge to do episode recaps here on the blog but then I remember that I still want you guys to like me.

10. What should one do if she finds a gray eyelash?  I’m asking for a friend…

thursday things.

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1. A couple of weeks ago my friends and I were talking about celebrity crushes, and I realized that mine are apparently not as normal as others.  My list includes guys like Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Kevin James (aka Paul Blart Mall Cop) ((don’t judge me)), Jerry Ferrara, John Krasinski…  I think it’s very safe to say I have a definite “type”, right?  Funny fellas with sweet faces.  I mean listen, don’t get me wrong, I’d definitely Netflix and chill with Channing Tatum if he asked nicely.  (Or not nicely, heyo!)  But in general, I’m much more drawn to dudes who make me laugh and whose faces are adorable.  It’s a wonder I ended up with Casey then… ba-dum-tshh!  I’m JUST KIDDING CASEFACE YOU ARE THE CUTEST FUNNIEST BOY I’VE EVER KNOWN LOVE YOU PICK UP SOME ICE CREAM ON THE WAY HOME PLEASE BYE.

2. Crosby started saying please the other day, which comes out more like “easssse!” and it kind of makes me want to tackle him with hugs.  Manners are so cute, guys.

3. Tip of the day: how to make your store-bought hummus taste better!  You know how store-bought hummus can taste kinda… meh?  Well, the trick is to mix in a couple of tablespoons of greek yogurt, and I promise it’ll taste a bajillion times better.  #hippiestuffs

4. There is literally nothing worse in life than my dog Gus’s breath.  In case you were wondering.

5. Anyone watching Fuller House on Netflix?  We watched a couple of episodes last weekend… and don’t hate me but I kind of liked it?  Even though DJ’s voice drives me apeshit.  She sounds like she’s yelling at a normal speaking volume.  At all times.  And yes, the show is still all kinds of cheese, but I can appreciate that some of the humor is a little less G and a little more PG13.  I mean, Kimmy Gibbler made a joke about dropping acid, so at least there’s that.

6. My whole day basically consists of me counting down the hours until I can take my bra off.

7. Speaking of which, does anyone recommend a good wire-free bra?  Much appreciated.

8. Can you believe the last episode of the Bachelor?!  I really do love sweet vanilla Ben, but homeboy is undoubtedly going to be in a shitload of trouble with whoever he actually asks to marry him on the finale.  Poor girl gets proposed to, and THEN has to find out/watch episodes of her fiance telling another woman that he loves her too?  Ugh.  Ben, you doofus.  Anyways, I’m a big huge fan of Jojo but without question I think he picks Lauren.  The guy turns into that emoji with heart eyes whenever he sees her.  They’re cute.  So #teamjojoforbachelorette !!

9. Realizing I talked about Netflix and TV a lot in today’s post.  Note to self: must get out of the house.  Come ON already, SPRING!

10. WTF is Persicope and should I be using it?  Is it like Snapchat?  Or not at all?  Ugh.  Technology is an annoying beast.  If only it had a sweet face and great sense of humor.

thursday things, on friday.

shawnnathompson_thursdaythings_9251. Over the past week, I’d been working on an essay on being an unexpected stay-at-home mom. I finished it last night and when I went to publish it this morning, it had disappeared.  I almost weeped.  And it was kind of an emo post, so not really one that I could bang out quickly again. I don’t know what to do.  Rewrite it?  Write the jist of it here in this list?  Let’s see if I run out of things to talk about…

2. Thank you all so much for the podcast recommendations!!  So far I’ve listened to (and loved!) the Longest Shortest Time and Call your Girlfriend.  AND I also started listening to Limetown.  Have you heard of it?  It’s the same kind of investigative reporting setup as Serial but it’s fiction and it’s a little more sci-fi-ey. (<—- what?)  There are only 2 episodes available so far and even though some of the… acting?… is questionable, it’s still pretty great.  At the end of Episode 2, I got the shivers so bad and was legit scared while walking down the street. Like, I kept looking behind me and walking faster and faster.  It was mid-day and there were people everywhere, but #imababy.

3. Ok, ok so I finally started snapping.  Snapchatting, that is.  Snap-C-ing.  Snap-sizzle!  Ok, I’m done.  It’s mostly pictures of Crosby and coffee so if you’re into cuteness and caffeine, feel free to follow along!  I’m @shawthomps over der.

4. Have you heard of the book the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up?  I’ve been wanting to read it for months but I was #9 billion on the waitlist at the library and it just finally came available this week.  I’m ready for it to change my life!  Or so everyone who’s read it says.  So far I’m about 40 pages in… my house is still messy and honestly I’m just kind of annoyed with how much the author says the word “tidying”.  It’s such a funny little word and reading it so much has made it lose all meaning to me.  To the point where I pronounce it wrong in my head sometimes… as tid-ying.  And then I feel like a perv.

5. Speaking of the library!  Before they let me check out my book, I had to pay off $33 in overdue fines.  I’d somehow managed to dodge paying since I hit the $20 limit.  So… you might say that I’m the nerdiest rebel around.  ::shoots an imaginary gun and then blows off the gun smoke and puts it in an imaginary holster::  ::then reads a book::

6. And speaking of guns… Casey is on his way to Minnesota right now for some good old-fashioned duck hunting.  Yeehaw!  While I’m not the hugest hunting enthusiast (my dad and brothers are totally laughing and nodding their heads reading this) Casey really loves ducking hunting so I’m super excited for him.  And quite a bit jealous that he gets to see some of the fam.  So if anyone in the Portland area wants to come keep Cros and I company this weekend, let me know!  We can sit around reading books about TY-DEE-ING.

7. On the way home from dropping Casey off at the airport this morning, I saw a rainbow.  Which is no huge thing but it made me smile and feel like hey, today is going to be a good day!  And THEN.  I swear this is true… the song Somewhere over the Rainbow came on the radio.  I swear!!  (I had the “coffee shop” satellite station on.) And I was all, wow, today really is going to be a good day!  BUT THEN!  I literally saw the rainbow disappear.  The clouds covered it up in about 10 seconds.  I’ve never seen a rainbow disappear in action before.   It was kind of eerie and poetic and what does this all mean?  Am I going to have a good day?  Or was the rainbow disappearing behind clouds an omen?  TBD people, TBD.

8. You know what I was thinking about last night?  When I was trying to fall asleep?  That someone should rename “bedtime” as “the time of day when you should be going to sleep but instead you go over all the conversations you’ve had that day in your life and think about what you should have said instead of what you actually said”.   Ya feel me?

9. Have you seen or heard about these adult coloring books that are making their way around the various blog-o-spheres on the interwebs?  I’m really intrigued.  But considering I still haven’t finished a paint-by-numbers that I bought 6 months ago… it might not be the best investment for me.

10. Ok, so I tried the new Starbucks drink, the Toasted Graham Latte.  And I gotta say, it tasted exactly like a vanilla latte to me.  Sorry, ‘Bucks.  Maybe it’s because I ordered it with soy milk?  I don’t know, I didn’t think it was all that special.  And it wasn’t just me… Crosby didn’t really like it either.

Calm down!  I’m kidding.

He loved it.


the ‘oops i accidentally published this post without giving it a name’ post.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetOhai!  How are you, my friends?  I’ve missed you.  And I’ve missed bloggin.  But you know those times when work gets super crazy and the last thing on earth you want to do when you get home is jump on your friggin computer and try to create sentences out of your scrambled egg brain, so instead you get on your computer and watch endless episodes of the Good Wife and then pass out at 9:30?  Yah, me neither.

Truth is, work has been crazy the past few weeks.  And I’m cool with it.  I have an end game, which is that I have about a month and a half of work left before I’m on maternity leave.  That in itself is on a whole other level of crazytown.  It certainly makes these long hours and countless spreadsheets and bajillions of emails much more manageable.

So let’s catch up a bit, shall we?  Here are a few things that have been happenin’ these last few weeks:

Casey is considering buying a pair of Crocs.  I don’t really have much else to say on that topic.

Guys, it’s so hot.  Like ridiculously hot.  The past few weeks it’s been 80-90+ degree temps.  And you know what?  I’m not hating it.  I’ve been so nervous about becoming a sweaty hippo this summer and so far, I’m just a hippo.  The heat hasn’t affected me too much quite yet.  But please check in with me on Monday because apparently it’s going to be approx 100 degrees on Saturday and Sunday and I’ll be kicking myself in the hippo ass for even writing these words.

My country music craving has yet to subside.  I don’t even know.  Yesterday morning on my way into work I found myself singing along to the song “International Harvester” and I just about bitch-slapped myself.  It’s not so much that I’m embarrassed as I am confused.  At the rate I’m going I’m probably a week away from ordering Casey and I matching camo Crocs.

Casey did prenatal yoga with me the other day in our living room.  We followed along to a Youtube video and everything was going so well until the instructor informed us that we were about to do some kegels.  Casey was all I’m outta here and I was all come on can’t you just sit there and breath while I do vagina exercises?  And bless his giant Norwegian heart, he man’d up and finished the session with me.  Namaste Caseface.

A couple of weekends ago Casey painted the ceiling, walls and floor of the baby room.  And I spent the entire weekend bitching about the fumes and ordering baby stuffs to decorate the kids room.  For the record, we painted the baby’s room white and there’s nothing wrong with that if you’re asking my opinion which you should because it’s MY kids room.  I feel like whenever I tell anyone that we’re painting the baby room white, they assume we’re just settling because we don’t know the gender.  They sympathetically offer pastel options (barf) and beige (double barf) and I kindly tell them that no no, white is our first choice.  SO BACK OFF.  And stuff.

In case you care, I plan to post a bumpdate in the next few days.  Because?  I’m now 31 weeks.  GULP.  I’m fully aware that I’m pretty much in the territory of this baby could crown at any time in the near future.  We should probably buy a car seat.

Tomorrow night we’re going to see Book of Mormon which I’ve been waiting my entire adult life to see.  Or you know, since it came out a few years ago.  Have you seen it?  What did you think?  What are the best kinds of snacks to eat while watching it?  Is the most important question.

This weekend my lovely friends are throwing me a baby shower.  We’re really lucky to have friends in Portland that like us enough to buy us baby junk.  No but seriously, we are.   I’m pretty excited for it – stay tuned for pictures of a sweaty hippo opening gifts ;)

And on that note!  Happy (almost) Friday my dear friends.  I hope your weekend is filled with peace, love and Jimmy John’s.

thursday stuff.

 friday things[ A #selfie gone terribly wrong. ] 

  • I originally published this post with the title: friday stuff.  Wishful thinking.
  • I forgot to take a 23 week bump pic last week.  And by “forgot” I mean I just didn’t want to do my hair and put on a clean shirt and take a picture.  So there won’t be a bumpdate this week.  Dry your eyes, little grasshoppers.  Next week I’ll have double the amount of ridiculousness to catch up on.
  • You know how mom’s have cat-like reflexes when it comes to protecting their kids?  Like when they stop short in the car and throw the “mom arm” out to keep the kid from flying forward?  I think I’m starting to inherit that trait.  I dropped a chocolate covered almond earlier and my mom-arm reflexes kicked in and I caught it about 3 inches before it hit the ground.  Fastest I’ve moved all day.  But I saved that almond, yes sir.  Saved it for MAH MOUTH.
  • That chocolate covered almond turned out to have not one but TWO almonds in it, which made me so happy, I giggled.
  • My computer is on the fritz.  (Is that saying still relevant?)  I was working watching Parenthood on Sunday when all of a sudden it shut down and wouldn’t turn back on.  My biggest fear isn’t that it won’t work again, it’s that the hipster computer-fixer at Apple will see how much junk TV I’ve been watching on my computer for the last few months.  
  • I bought 3 new bras the other day, and since that day my life has improved substantially.  I’m serious.  Up until then, I’d been cramming my tots into all my pre-conception bras… and things just weren’t going well.  So I hauled my unsupported self to Target and bought three new lovely maternity/nursing (!!) bras.  I’m seriously so happy, I could blog about it.  It reminds me of the time I was properly fitted for a bra for the first time in my life, and I blogged about it.  I sense a pattern.  Boob blogging.  Blooging?  Bloobing.  Whatever.
  • Do you ever sing really loud in your car and then freak out and look at your phone to make sure you haven’t accidentally dialed someone?  Story of my life.
  • We’re leaving for Florida on Saturday for a little family vacation.  Currently on my packing list: maternity swimsuit, compression socks, and my THREE NEW BRAS.  That should do it, right?  
  • Sometimes when I get a whiff of my own breath, it smells like Casey’s breath.  Is that weird?  Have I just made things very awkward for everyone?  
  • My job here is done.