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willa’s birth story.

img_2723This post is so overdue, it’s ridiculous.  Our sweet baby Willa is more than 6 weeks old already!  Insert all of the parenting clichés about time flying by here.  But seriously, I can’t even believe it.  I also can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write out her birth story… but here we are!  Finally.

The best way to start this is probably to explain what our “plan” was for baby girl’s arrival.  I use the word “plan” very loosely because based on my first pregnancy, I was aware that things would likely not go exactly the way we wanted them to.  With Crosby, I was induced due to high blood pressure at 38 weeks and then after laboring for a full day, I had an emergency c-section after his heart rate dropped to scary lows, which we found out later was bc his cord was wrapped around his shoulder (ahh, memories…).  This time around, I was hoping for basically the exact opposite labor experience.  Ideally, I wanted to go into labor on my own and deliver via a vbac (vag birth after cesarean).  I wanted to avoid a c-section if possible because of the long and intense recovery it demands, and I also just really wanted to have the experience of delivering my baby this time.  But knowing the likelihood + all the risks of a having vbac, I tried to mentally prepare myself for the high probability of having another c-section.

Cut to my 37-week doctor appointment, when after a relatively healthy pregnancy, my blood pressure was suddenly high.  The nurse took a few readings during that appointment but each time it was high, higher than it should be at that point in pregnancy… so my doctor asked that I monitor it closely at home for a few days and then come back in later that week to check in with her again.  My readings continued to be on the high side throughout the week and again at my next appointment, at which point my doctor said that the baby was better off out than in so I would need to be induced.  Again.  This was the exact same situation that happened with Crosby.  I wasn’t exactly thrilled with this turn of events since I had hoped to go into labor on my own this time… I also didn’t know if it would be possible to have a vbac anymore since many doctors avoid inducing labor when a woman is trying for a vbac.  Casey had come along to my appointment with me so we talked everything over with my doctor, and thankfully she thought that I was still in a good position to at least give an induction/vbac a try before resorting to a c-section again.  So with that in mind, we scheduled my induction for the following week. And then we went home.

You know what’s weird? Scheduling your child’s birth and then attempting to resume normal life for the next few days.  Like, how am I supposed to prepare dinner when I’m having a baby in 3 days?!  It was so hard to focus on anything else.  Crosby kept us in check though.  Having a squirrely toddler to entertain and take care of is about as good of a distraction as you could have in that situation.  And I will say, in some ways it was nice to have a few days to prepare.  My mom and Casey’s parents were able to fly in over the weekend.  They planned to stay at our house and watch Crosby and our dogs while Casey and I were in the hospital.

On Tuesday, October 18th at 7am, Casey and I checked into the hospital.  An hour later I gave birth.  JK, I wish.  What actually happened was kind of a rollercoaster of calamities, but (spoiler alert!) it ended well…

Over the course of my first two hours in the hospital, three different nurses attempted 4 separate IV spots in my arms before one succeeded.  And let me tell you, the bruises I got from the failed attempts were horrifying.  My arms looked like a banana that’s been stuck at the bottom of your backpack for a few days.  Childbirth war wounds!  Once the IV was in, they administered pitocin to get the baby show on the road.  It was after 10am at this point and I was only dilated to 1.5cm so we knew it was going to be a long day.  So I ordered myself some peanut butter toast and Casey watched the Price is Right and we attempted to relax.  (Ha.)

Contractions started slowly but consistently.  At around noon-ish, my doctor came in to manually break my water… which didn’t work the first time because I wasn’t dilated enough.  She left and came back a bit later to try again, still no water breakage.  She left and came back a third time, and thank god it worked (apparently my pregnant body lives by the motto, third time’s a charm)  because I was about to pack it up and head home.  Have you ever had someone try to manually break your water?  Ouchie.  Is all I have to say about that.

At this point it was early afternoon.  I had been advised to not eat anything after breakfast in case I needed to have a c-section, so I watched Casey eat two enormous chicken salad sandwiches that my mom had made and packed for us… and then I bitched at him after I realized he ate all of it.  I mean, the least he could have done was save something for me to eat after I’d GIVEN BIRTH TO OUR CHILD.  Am I right?!  Ugh.  But, I’m over it I swear.  No really, it’s fine.  I’m FINE.

My contractions increased in intensity over the next few hours and by 3pm I threw in the towel and asked for an epidural.  The anesthesiologist hit a nerve when he was putting the baseball bat needle into my back.  Which will go down as one of the weirdest and most unnerving (hey!) feelings I’ll ever experience in my life.  But I was willing to overlook it to feel the sweet loving touch of the epidural.  But…the epidural itself didn’t actually work quite as well as I had remembered from the last time.  Throughout the rest of labor, I kept feeling numb on one side but not the other, and I also was feeling intense contractions in my left buttcheek.  Which really creeped my mom out.  And probably a few of you.  And probably Willa, when she reads this someday.  Sorry everyone!

The next couple of hours were slow, contractions would intensify and then subside.  It’s worth noting at this point that from the time I got to the hospital that morning to sometime around 5pm that evening, I had only dilated to a 4.  AKA not even halfway there.  At this rate, I thought my baby would probably still be born on her Nov 4 due date.

One of the most stressful parts of this experience was that throughout the course of the day and into the evening, my BP was still high.  I think I was given 5 different BP medications throughout the day to try to stabilize it, the result of which made me look and feel like a total junkie.  I couldn’t stop shaking, my eyes were incredibly bloodshot, I was so so cold, and honestly just super miserable.  Finally, later in the evening, one of the medications started to work and my BP lowered to normal.  At which point, baby girl’s heart rate started to drop during contractions.  AGAIN, this was also the exact same situation we’d been in with Crosby’s birth, which ultimately resulted in a c-section. So of course now I was extremely worried about the baby + extremely frustrated that we’d made it this far and I was probably going to have to have another c-section again.  But my nurses and doctor knew what my “plan” was and they kept fighting for me.  I did some position changes, they put an internal monitor on baby’s head and reduced my pitocin and thankfully, her heart rate didn’t stay too low for too long.  It would dip during contractions but come right back up in between, which was a good sign.  So, we kept on.  (We found out after she was born that her heart rate was dropping because her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck.  My babies like to do somersaults in the womb, apparently.)

The rest of the night is a haze of uncomfortableness, BP medications, and contractions, but somewhere along the way I started to dilate quickly.  And then somehow, I honestly don’t know how, it was midnight and the nurse gave me the best news of my life… it was time to push!  I was so so thrilled.  I kept thinking throughout the whole day as we hit obstacle after obstacle that I was going to end up having a c-section again, so to get to this point was the best feeling ever.  I pushed for about an hour and 45 minutes… and that hour and 45 minutes was honestly one of the most amazing things I’ll ever experience.  It was bizarre because pushing was the part of labor I was looking forward to the least, but it ended up being the extreme high point of the whole experience.  Casey was a champion husband and cheerleader and was equally as amazed with the whole experience as I was.  Seeing our daughter come into the world made all of the chaos and stress of the day disappear.

Willa Rae Thompson was born at 1:55am on Wednesday, October 19th.  She came into the world weighing 6lbs 12oz and was 19.5″ long, with the same head of brown hair that Crosby was born with and the longest arms and fingers, just like her mama.  She has the most beautiful eyes and the sweetest soul I could ever imagine.  I cannot stop kissing her.

Once again, this was not the birth story I imagined.  It was a stressful birth and the recovery was not ideal.  (Shoutout to icicle diapers though, those things are the freaking best!)  But none of it really matters, because in the end I got to hold my healthy baby girl in my arms.  And the next day we got to introduce her to her brother.  He’s pretty smitten with her too… but maybe more smitten with the dinosaurs she got him as a gift.

It’s been over a month and I’m still just as obsessed with sweet Willa as I was the moment she was born.  I cannot even imagine a time when she wasn’t in our world.  Though I faintly remember a time when I slept more than 2 hours at a time…

We love you so much baby girl, and are so very thankful that you are ours.  Thank you for coming to hang out with us, we think you’re going to like it here :)

bumpdate: 36 weeks.

shawnnathompson_36weeksWeeks: 36 weeks
Baby is the size of:  a cabbage patch kid!  (I had a cabbage patch kid when I was little and her name was Carbell.  …Crosby and Carbell… that has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?)
Weight gain: I’m officially bigger now than I was at the end of my pregnancy with Crosby.  And I officially couldn’t care less.  I’m sure that will change immediately after baby girl is born and I’m expected to shed this weight in an orderly fashion.
Cravings: Nothing really sounds that good lately.  Probably because my stomach is so smushed that I basically feel like I’ve just finished a Thanksgiving meal at all times, even if I’m actually hungry.
Sleep: Pregnancy insomnia is in full force which SUCKS.  I really wish I could stock up on some sleep now before the baby gets here, but unfortunately I’m already sleeping as if I already have a newborn.  It doesn’t help that Crosby has been getting up before 6am lately as well.  Pass the coffee, please.  And then some unisom.   And then a rice krispie bar, while you’re at it.
Movement: Have you been watching Stranger Things on Netflix?  You know when that thing tries to come through the walls?  That’s what it feels like baby girl is doing.  She is pushing SO hard on the front of my stomach, it feels like she is about to break through.  Which isn’t how it works, sweet girl.  So maybe give your big fat mommy a break?  Thanks love you.
Symptoms: All of the end of pregnancy symptoms are in full effect… puffiness, sore back, loss of breath, peeing every 7 minutes, leg cramps, insomnia, an online shopping problem.  (Let’s just all pretend that last one is legit, for the sake of my relationship with my husband.)
Missing:  The ability to put my shoes on without needing to ask my 2 year old for help.
Happenings: We’re in the final-ish days, people!  Since I had a c-section with Crosby, I’ll be scheduling another one with baby girl as a backup plan, if necessary.  So after my next dr appointment we will have a definite date that we know she will be here by. (AKA a definite date that I will be able to have some wine.) So exciting and scary and fun and holycrapimhavinganotherbabysososososoon!

second time around.

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of comparing of this pregnancy to my first one.  Probably because now that I’m in the homestretch of this one, I’m realizing how much… less… I’ve done and thought about this time around.

During my first pregnancy, I felt like I was treated (and acted) like a fragile vessel on a magical baby-growing journey.  Pampering, downtime and rest were encouraged.  Everything was new and exciting and a little bit scary, and I had nothing but time to dwell on every little thing that happened.  This time around, I feel like I peed on a stick and then had 3 minutes to celebrate before I had to figure out what to make my toddler for dinner. (Mamas of 2+ kiddos, I salute you.)  It’s not that it’s not as exciting, it truly is, I just haven’t actually had the time to spend focusing on the magical journey that I’m on because I’ve been, you know, busy taking care of my first magical journey.  The good news the second time around is that I have experience on my side, so there’s been way less “IS THIS NORMAL” googling and way more acceptance of what the eff is happening to my body.

So anyways, here are a few examples of the differences I’ve noticed between the two magical journeys I’ve had the immense pleasure of being on…

First pregnancy:  (at 14 weeks along) Look at my teeny tiny baby bump! I must now parade myself belly-first through public places… hoping someone will notice my baby growing skills.
Second pregnancy:  (at 2 weeks along) Holy crap I’m showing already!?! Or is this just residual baby weight from the first time around?  Probably a combo of both.

First pregnancy: Take cute bumpdate photos biweekly.
Second pregnancy: Take 3 total bumpdate photos, which coincide with the only 3 days during my pregnancy where both my hair and makeup are done at the same time.

First pregnancy:  Terrified of labor, but I cannot wait to take my baby home to bask in postpartum bliss!!
Second pregnancy:  Labor shmabor. How am I going to handle postpartum hormones AND 2 small humans?!

First pregnancy: I can’t wait to breastfeed my new baby. What a bonding experience!
Second pregnancy: Nightly pep-talks to psych myself up for breastfeeding/pumping/latching/acid reflux/ouchie nipples.

First pregnancy:  ::reads all the baby books:: I’ve got this ALL figured out. I know exactly what kind of mother I want to be. I know exactly how I’m going to care for, raise and discipline my child.  It can’t be that hard.
Second pregnancy:  ::buys a case of wine:: Let’s just like, try to survive, shall we?

First pregnancy: Research every baby product for hours. Register for every baby product under the sun.
Second pregnancy:  ::buys a case of baby wipes::  K, I’m ready.

First pregnancy: The baby is 13 weeks, 5 days, 6 hours and 47 minutes and is the size of a papaya! The lungs are forming, nerve cells are multiplying, and synapses are forming in the brain.
Second pregnancy: I think I’m in the second trimester? I know I’m due in the fall. Wait, maybe the winter? Definitely this year.

First pregnancy: No caffeine. No soft cheese. No deli meat. etc. etc. etc.
Second pregnancy: “Make it a venti, please.”

First pregnancy: Take a 7-week birth class, prepare a detailed birth plan, curate a birth playlist.
Second pregnancy: Birth plan = try not to crap myself, have baby.

First pregnancy: Shop regularly for cute maternity clothes.
Second pregnancy:  ::adjusts sweatpants::

First pregnancy: Fill out baby book every week, keep an organized file folder of every sonogram and Dr visit report.
Second pregnancy: Accidentally use sonogram as coffee coaster.

First pregnancy: Babymoon! 3 baby showers! Pregnancy photoshoot!
Second pregnancy: High-five myself whenever I get to pee in peace.


Anyway, all that said… I have absolutely loved both pregnancies equally, but I do think that this time I’m much more excited about the after. That’s when the real fun starts, am I right?  Shout out to both of my babies who made this post possible.

PS pumping can suck it.


bumpdate: 23 weeks. oh and also, we’re having a…

HEY!  How are you?  Me?  I’m just 23 weeks pregnant over here.  I know, I know, I have been such a delinquent preg lady this time around.  Poor baby #2 has no baby book, no bumpdates up until now, and I’ve done approximately 0-1 things to actually prepare for their arrival.  But to be fair to myself, it’s been a crazy past few months with this little bundle.  Let me start out by saying that everything is fine, but we did have a stressful scare a little over a month ago that has just recently resolved itself.  I’m fine, the baby is fine, and we’re just super thankful and happy to be moving on from an intense few weeks.

You’re probably like, wtf that’s the most vague paragraph ever.  And you’d be right.  Sorry bout that.  And maybe someday I’ll write more about it.  But for now we’ll just scooch on past it.  BUT.  We do have some really great news that came out of all the nuttiness from the past few weeks… we decided to find out the gender!  Finding out was something that we flip-flopped on so much with this pregnancy.   I just always assumed we’d keep it a surprise like we did with Crosby.  But, I found myself really really wanting to know this time.  And in the midst of all the craziness that was going on with this pregnancy, we thought we could probably use some good news.  So, at one of my ultrasounds, we had the tech put the “results” in an envelope to take home and open later… but then someone (coughmecough) got super impatient and opened it before we even left the room.

You’re probably like, wtf tell us already.  Ok here it goes… baby Thomps #2 is an itty bitty teeny weeny cutie patootie lovey dovey baby GIRL!!  That’s right my friends, in a few months I will no longer be surrounded by weewees.  And I seriously couldn’t be happier.

So here we go sweet baby girl, our first official bumpdate!

Weeks: 23
Baby is the size of:  A Nalgene bottle. (I discovered and LOVE the Ovia app for this pregnancy!  You can choose a theme for the weekly “size” updates… ((my theme is fun & games and so far the baby has been the size of a troll doll, a paper airplane and a video game controller, among other things)) and it gives you a little graphic of how big the baby is getting based on its hand size.  And just in general, it’s awesome.  Highly recommend for my fellow pregs out there.)
Weight gain: I have honestly no idea… maybe 10ish pounds?  Split equally between my belly and my bra.  Worth noting, I definitely feel like I’m getting bigger faster and carrying higher this time around.  All fun things.
Cravings: Nothing super specific but so far I’m consistently loving fruit, just like last time.
Sleep:  Ugh. Gah. Oof.  Waaah.  Sleep has been so hit or miss.  Due to uncomfiness and just overall stress and anxiety.  And on top of that, my toddler typically wakes up before 6am every morning.  So what I’m trying to say is, coffee and under-eye concealer have been my bffs this pregnancy.
Movement:  Baby girl has been moving a shitload.  (Can I say that?) I remember Crosby’s first movements felt like a sweet little butterfly in my lower belly.  Compared to baby girl, who seems to be practicing her flipturns since week 15.
Symptoms:  Oh, hey hormones!  I probably have more hormones pulsing through me than a Justin Bieber concert.  Or something.  I’ve been an emotional rollercoaster since day 1 of this pregnancy, and then because of all the craziness that happened, it’s been amplified by like a hundo.  It’s ridiculous.  I’m ridiculous.  Anyways, if I cry the next time you ask me what time it is, don’t take it personally.
Missing:  It wouldn’t be a true TMITM blog post if I didn’t talk about wine.  I miss wine.
Happenings:  Erm, like I said… we’ve done so very little to prepare for little miss’s arrival.  But I thiiiiink I’m going to try to potty train Crosby before she gets here?  Probably right around his 2nd birthday?  Did I mention I miss wine?  I know that 2 is on the younger side for training, but I’ve been reading the book “Oh Crap: Potty Training” and it has me fairly convinced that I should do it now rather than waiting until after baby girl is here and I’m even more sleep deprived and not in the mood to teach a little boy to aim his pee stick into the toilet.  Ya feel me? So anyways, any tips and tricks for potty training would be much appreciated!

Speaking on my firstborn… here he is in all his anti-photo-taking adorable glory.  

Bumpdate 2.0, over and out.

here we go again!

Processed with VSCO with x1 presetSurprise! I’m pregnant! Or… maybe it’s not such a surprise? I say that because at least 5 people have told me that they suspected I was pregnant… because of the fact that I hadn’t mentioned wine in my last few blog posts. ::facepalm:: That’s embarrassing. But guess what? Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I can talk about wine again. Or rather, the lack of wine in my life. Not to be confused with whine, which there is PLENTY of in my life these days. Hahahahahahaha. Ha. Haha. Ha. Hello?

Anyways, let’s get back to my uterus! I’m approximately 15 weeks prego ragu and my due date is November 4th. We’re pretty sure we aren’t going to find out the sex, just like last time. Though it seems harder this time around to not find out. I think it’s because we/I was so distracted by the newness of pregnancy the first time around, and not finding out the sex was part of the package. This time I sort of know what to expect with the pregnancy, so finding out if it’s a boy or girl is more top of mind. Ya know? I will say though, that not knowing the sex was so helpful the first time around during Crosby’s crazy birth. It gave me something positive to focus on and look forward to in the midst of pure chaos. So… that’s a good reason to not find out. Plus, I’ve always felt that waiting to find out until your babe is born is one of life’s few REAL surprises. Anyways, what do you think, should we find out this time? Or not? What did you do? What did Mila Kunis do? Because I’ll just probably do what she did.

So far, I’ve felt pretty ok. I’ve managed to avoid morning sickness again but I’ve been so incredibly tired. Seriously, the fatigue this time around has been absurd. Intensified by the fact that my job is to chase a squirrelly toddler around all day. On more than one occasion I’ve been out doing something with Crosby and I’ve been so tired that I had to literally tell myself to put one foot in front of the other. It’s nuts. I’m finally in the second trimester though so my energy levels should skyrocket any second now. Right? RIGHT!?! In general though, this pregnancy has felt pretty similar to the last one. Which makes me feel like it might be another little boy. Except that I’ve been MUCH more emotional this time around. Which makes me think it might be a girl. Or a Nicholas Sparks novel.

So far it seems like Crosby is thrilled to have a new baby in the family. Once we found out I was pregnant, we got him a babydoll to play with and he immediately poked it in the eyes. See!? Thrilled! We’re trying to explain to him that he’s going to be a big brother and that mama has a baby in her tummy, but he’s only 20 months old so he’s not really catching on. Or maybe he’s just not very bright… ;) No but really, if anyone has any advice or books (for him or me) to read about bringing a new kiddo home, please let me know! I’m so unprepared. Also, the idea of Crosby not being my “baby” anymore makes me want to shove him up my shirt for the day.

Yikes. I feel like this post was so scattered. Mom brain + pregnancy brain = my brain looks like an episode of Hoarders but good thing was we are now working with a wonderful brand to make woman feel beautiful and sexy, its a really fresh thing where you can find makeup and the new Lush 2 for your intimacy moments.

PS Thanks so much for all the well wishes on our newest addition! We’re honestly so very thrilled.

PPS A few more photos from my Mother’s Day…

Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

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Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

Cheers to breeding! xo

happy first birthday, baby boy.

shawnnathompson_crosbyturns1Dear Crosby,

Today is your first birthday.  You are one whole year old.

(Pause for some hysterical sobbing.  No really I’m fine it’s fine everything is FINE.)

Way back when you were still in my belly house, I made a plan to write you a letter on your first birthday.  But it seemed so far off, almost to the extent that I couldn’t even imagine it.  And then I blinked… and here we are.  One year!  One year full of ups, downs, twists, turns, somersaults, cartwheels, bellyflops, and a whole lotta poop.  My favorite year, ever.

I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic this past week.  I’ve been thinking about where I was and what I was feeling a year ago.  Exactly one year ago from the moment I’m writing this, I was waking up in the hospital from a restless night’s sleep.  I’d been induced the night before and I knew I would be meeting you today.  I was nervous, excited, scared, and so so incredibly eager to meet the little gremlin that had been kicking me in the ribs for the past 38 weeks.  After a pretty intense day, you finally made your way into the world.  When your papa told me “it’s a boy!”, I felt a joy that I could never even attempt to describe in words.  And I’ve felt that joy every single day since.

You, my boy, are everything.  You are the silliest, sweetest, most curious baby I know.  You are so independent, it amazes me.   You’re smart.  You’re confident.  You have the best sense of humor.  And you are already like, way cooler than I’ll ever be.  Every day I thank my lucky stars that I get to hang out with you for the rest of my life.  (Please don’t ever leeeeave me!)

Listen up kid, because this is the most important part.  If you should ever read this, I want you to know that I am so incredibly proud to be your mama.  I want you to know that I will love and support you unconditionally, forever.  I want you to know that your papa and I have become better people and a better team, because of you.  I really want you to know that we couldn’t possibly love you more.

We have a lot of life to look forward to with you, but until then… I want to wish you a very happy birthday, sweet baby guy.

I love you so.

keeping the feets warm + a zutano giveaway!

IMG_4526You guys. YOU GUYS. You guys!  I’m kind of jazzed about today’s post.  (Do people still say jazzed?)  Not to diss any of my other posts but today’s is a real treat.  (Do people still say diss?)

Hey here’s something real quick.  You know what I’ve realized?  There are certain questions that I could ask, pre-baby, that would come off as just complete curiosity.  Like, DO people still use the word diss?  Not sure.  But, now that I have a baby, those very same questions make me a cliché.  Like, omg that mom doesn’t know what’s cool because she’s a mom.  Right?  Do you agree?  Or is it just me overanalyzing everything always?

Anyways, back to today’s post.  You’re like, GET TO IT ALREADY.   Welp, here it is.  Today I’m hosting a giveaway with one of my very favorite baby brands….. Zutano!   ::And the crowd goes wild::

If you’re a parent, you’re probably familiar with the Zutano and their amazing products for littles.  (We’re particularly big fans of their baby booties.)  And if you’re not a parent, no doubt you probably still have babies and small children in your life, right?  Or at least blowing up your Facebook feed?  So hey, you can still get something out of this post/giveaway!  Stick around, won’t you?

Let me tell you a story about a tiny baby named Crosby who once was so small, his parents could not find socks that would stay on his feet.  The parents tried many kinds of socks.  They tried many kinds of booties.  They tried many kinds of wine. (Oops! Wrong story.)  But nothing would stay on little Crosby’s feet.  The parents feared that they would spend the next 18 years of their lives wrapping blankets around their son’s cold little toes.  They also feared that they would run out of wine.  (Oops, wrong story again!)  Until one day when a tiny box showed up on their doorstep.  Inside the box was a small gray pair of Zutano booties.  Crosby’s mom put the booties on his little feet and as much as he kicked and wiggled, the booties stayed on.  The parents turned to each other and high-fived and celebrated by opening a bottle of wine.  (Oops! Wrong st….. no, actually this is the right story.)  The end.

The moral of that story is that we are obsessed with wine Zutano booties and cannot recommend them enough!  And so today, Zutano is offering a $75 gift code to shop at to one lucky reader.  You guys, $75 can buy you a lot of booties (<— sounds weird.)  In addition to booties, they also have the comfy-coziest clothes for the little ones in your life.  Seriously soft, seriously cute.  As demonstrated by little Crosby…

IMG_4432 IMG_4463Baby butts + baby jeans.  These are a few of my faaavoriiiite THIIIIINGS!

IMG_4482 IMG_4529 IMG_4547 IMG_4548 IMG_4555 IMG_4581

Thanks so much to Zutano for offering this giveaway, and for providing Crosbaby with the cute clothes in this post!  He was thrilled to model them, obvi.

Outfit 1: Zutano In the City Tee (c/o), Zutano Matchstick Jeans (c/o), Zutano Booties (the first pair we ordered that he has worn to bootie death)

Outfit 2: Zutano Vroom Baby Hoodie (c/0), Gap pants, Zutano Vroom Baby Booties (c/o)

So go ahead and enter the giveaway already, sheesh!  The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Tuesday.  Happy bootie shopping!

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our most favoritest baby products (0-6 months).

I think it was Confucius that said “It takes a village to raise a child.  And an Amazon Prime account”.

Inspired by that quote, and the fact that we’ve successfully raised a human for 6 months, I thought I’d share a few of our favorite baby products so far in our gig as parents.  Warning: this is an exceptionally long post.  So take bathroom breaks as needed.


The Essentials:

1. We use Target Brand Diapers during the day, and they’re totally great.  And not a million dollars per box.  Plus, they have the strip on the front that changes color so you know when the diaper is wet… which is pretty much just all the time.
2. As I mentioned in my last post, we use Pamper$ Baby Dry at night, but go up one size larger than normal. They’re great.  They hold in the pee, they hold in the poop.  Job well done.
3. We’ve tried a bunch of wipes and the Babyganics kind is by far our favorite.  They’re not as… wet…?… as a lot of the others, so I feel like they’re gentler on Crosby’s business.
4. We also tried a bunch of bottles and the Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck Bottles are definitely our favorite.  That little blue tube thingy supposedly keeps babies from getting the toots.  If I were to start all over again (please no), I would skip the 4 oz size and go straight for the 8 oz bottles though because we eventually needed to buy the bigger size anyway.
5. MAM Pacifiers are the ONLY pacifiers Crosby would take.  We have a million bazillion of them now.  Oh, and I would highly suggest investing in a few of these clips as well.  It’ll save you from having to “sanitize” a pacifier in your mouth that’s been dropped on the floor of a grocery store.  Or so I’ve heard.
6. The Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack isn’t really essential but it’s awesome.  It’s one of those products that I wish I would have thought of first because it’s just stupid smart.  Yes, stupid smart.  Spring for the bigger size.   Because even if you don’t use/wash a lot of bottles or pump parts, you can dry your wine glasses on it too.  Or so I’ve heard.


1. We’ve been using the HALO SleepSack on and off for many months.  We used them for a while with Crosby’s arms tucked in, now we use them with his arms out.  He constantly looks like he’s ready for a potato sack race, but these things keep him warm and cozy.
2. Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit – This ridiculous looking space suit was a savior when we were transitioning Crosby from a swaddle to a non-swaddle.  It minimizes the movement of arms and legs so that babies aren’t easily awakened by the moro reflex.  Also, your baby will look cute and funny in it.
3. Jute Baby Swaddle Blanket – This was our favorite newborn swaddling blanket.  It’s incredibly soft and was the perfect fit for our little guy.  Also, the designs are adorable.  I use it now as a light blanket in the car.   Sometimes I let Crosby borrow it.
4. The aden + anais Swaddle Blankets are great for getting an iron-clad burrito swaddle.  Which we became pros at during the colic/reflux phase of Crosby’s life.  And they’re huge!  Huge enough to swaddle a beagle.  Or so I’ve heard.
5. Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor Ok, so remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that Crosby sleeps flat on his face?  Well, when that started, I didn’t think I’d ever sleep again.  I was constantly going into his room to put my hand on his back and make sure he was still breathing.  So to save me an ulcer, we invested in this sensor that monitors baby’s movement and breathing.  Some people might find it ridiculous.  I consider it my new best friend.
6. The Sound Sleeper app is basically the soundtrack to our lives.  Crosby prefers Mountain River.  Although he’s also been known to like a good Womb session every now and then too.  Especially when he’s feeling nostalgic for his fetus days.

Toys & Teethers:

1. Sophie the Giraffe – There must be something about Sophie because every baby I know wants to gnaw her face off.  Last week in the car, Crosby started making some crazy noises and I had to pull over and jump in the backseat to make sure he wasn’t choking.  He wasn’t, he was just chomping barbarically on Sophie’s face.
2. Crosby is obsessed with his Crunchy Book, which isn’t the actual name of this toy but should be.  For those who aren’t familiar, the pages are filled with something that makes a crinkly, crunchy noise, and babies LOVE it. When Crosby starts to get fussy in the car, we just aggressively crunch this book in his face and he calms right down.  And then we all high-five each other for #winning.
3. Wimmer-Ferguson Teether Really great silicone teether that is sort of the perfect size for a baby’s hand. And you can also chill it in the refrigerator to cool down your white wine soothe your baby’s gums.
4. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes – This is another absolute savior in the car!  You or your baby can push the button and a little tune will play, which I could hum by memory to you forward/backward/upside down.
5. Scout was a gift from Crosby’s GG and Grandpa and he loves it.  We have all of his stuffed animals on shelves above his changing table and he will zero in on Scout and stare at him until we take him down.  You can program Scout to say your kiddos name (although Crosby wasn’t in their arsenal, so instead they spell it out in a song.  Whomp whomp.) and remember their favorite color (Crosby’s is chartreuse) their favorite food (Crosby’s is 2015 breastmilk) and some other fun junk.

Stuff to sit on:

1. The Mamaroo was my second in command during those first few months of Crosby’s life.  Sure, it’s spendy.  But it honestly was the only place other than our arms or his crib (sometimes) that he was cool hanging out in.  He also slept in it for a while when his reflux was really bad.  He doesn’t sleep it in anymore but now we put him in it in a more upright position so he can hang out and do things like fold laundry and work on his taxes.
2. Merry Muscles Jumper We’ve been putting Crosby in this thing for a little over a month now, and he loves it.  And by loves it, I mean he just sits there and doesn’t move.  But hey, that’s a win in our book.  We know he’ll figure the jumping part out soon enough but for now it keeps him calm and occupied for 20 minutes or so.  Which is the equivalent of 6 pre-baby hours.
3. The Keekaroo High Chair is quickly becoming one of our favorite things.  We hadn’t been using it much until the last month or so because it requires some pretty strong core strength.  But he really loves sitting in this thing.  It’s easy to clean and it’s not horrendous to look at.  And it’s adjustable to grow with him.  Supposedly it eventually transitions to an adult chair.  So we fully intend on making him use it until he graduates.
4. Crosby LOVES the Fisher-Price Jumperoo he got from his Pappy & Granny.  We love that it’s not as robust as a lot of the other activity chairs we’ve seen so we can easily pull it from room to room.
5. Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker – Ok so we’ve had a few people ask about our rocker because as far as baby rockers go, it’s beautiful.  Right?  (You can see ours in a few pictures from this blog post.)  It’s also super comfy, cleans off easily, and is wide enough to comfortably hold me, Crosby, the dogs, Casey, our record collection, 4 blankets, a chipotle burrito, and some napkins.


1. The Solly Baby Wrap was hands-down my favorite carrier during the first 6 months.  It’s high-quality, stretchy, but not too stretchy (I also have the Boba wrap which was nice, but a little too stretchy. Great for when Crosby was a newborn but once he put on a little weight he would sort of sag in it and hang off of me like an udder. Not the look you want to go for when you already feel like a cow.), and the Solly comes in really lovely colors.  It maybe took me a week to get really comfortable with tying it on and getting him in there, but we both loved having him so close to me.  I put him in this a lot in order to get stuff done around the house too.  Note: Solly’s are best used when your baby is 0-6 months old, so we haven’t been using it as much anymore.

2. ERGObaby Original Carrier (+ infant insert) is Casey’s favorite.  I use it a lot as well.  Although if I were to do it all over again, I would DEFINITELY just go for the ERGObaby 360 Carrier, which unfortunately came out like 5 days after we had Crosby and had already used our ERGObaby original.  The difference between the two is that the 360 allows for your baby to face out, and not just in.  This wasn’t really an issue for the first few months, since Crosby would mostly sleep in the carrier, but now that he’s more alert and interested in what’s going on around him, he totally prefers to face out.
3. The Infantino Baby Carrier was referred to me by another mama friend (thanks Berit!).  We bought this solely because it has the outward facing option and it’s cheap(ish).  And now it’s basically the only thing we use when we’re out running around or going for walks.  So, if the Ergo 360 is just too much dinero, this is a great alternative.




1. I think I’ve referred everyone and their mom to Zutano Booties.  Early on, we noticed that socks just would not stay on Crosby’s feet and all the cute but non-functional booties we’d received were obviously manufactured to drive a new mom insane.  Enter the Zutano Booties.  Crosby wears his  They are glued to his feet.  They keep his toesies warm and they’re adorable.  (Stay tuned because I’m actually going to be doing a giveaway with Zutano in the next few weeks.  WHOOP!)
2. Hanna Andersson PJ’s are expensive but absolutely worth the $.  So soft, so comfy cozy and guess what?  They make adult size PJ’s too.  Which I think we pull off quite well, don’t you?
3. Since blankets and stuffed animals are a big fat no-no in the crib, a Lovey is the next best thing.  Crosby smushes his face into his before every nap and bedtime.  Also, because it’s so small we can take it with us when we travel or on car rides to make him feel a little more at home.
4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar on DVD, which I just discovered is available to stream on Netflix.  So maybe I’m the worst parent ever for exposing my baby to the devil that is TV, but!  Crosby keeps his eyes glued to this little show, which is perfect for keeping him still while I clip his fingernails (dread).
5. Bamboobies – This is obviously a product for the mamas and not the babies.  I used disposable nursing pads at the beginning and they itched and made my boobies look weird and lumpy through my shirt.  Bamboobies are reusable, soft and don’t make my boobies look weird and lumpy through my shirt.


— So there you have it!  I’m sure I forgot a few things but hopefully this was helpful?  Should I do posts like this more often?  Or should I just stick to doing what I do best, word vomiting?

Please let me know if you have any specific questions on any of these products.  I’m happy to help!

Happy Friday!


bumpdate: 36 weeks

shawnnathompson_36weeksHello and welcome to another edition of bumpdate!  We’re nearing the end folks, and I’m starting to wonder which of these updates will be my last. This Friday I will hit the magical 37 week/full-term status and I’m kinda at the point where I’m ready for baby to make an appearance.  Well, ready-ish.  Emotionally ready?  Doubt it.  Physically ready?  Yes please, I’m so uncomfortable, get out.  Logistically ready?  Basically. The only things we have left to do are to install our carseat and pack a bag for the hospital. Speaking of which, can someone please help me with that? So far in my hospital bag I have packed a wheel of brie, a hot tub, 3 bottles of wine, 17 pieces of salmon sashimi, a thermos of the strongest coffee Portland has to offer and a roller coaster. Am I missing anything? Please advise.

Bumpdate time. Let’s do dis.

Weeks: 36 weeks.
Baby is the size of: According to my weekly pregnancy newsletter, the baby is the size of a honeydew melon this week. Shyahhhh right!  That can only be true if that honeydew melon is the size and weight of a 12 pound bowling ball.
Weight gain: Duh.
Cravings: I still just want all the ice cubes in the world. I don’t know if it’s the heat or what but I pretty much refuse to drink water if it doesn’t have 7 million ice cubes in it.  And I’m seriously tempted to call Sonic and ask them to ship me some of their ice cubes. You know, the round little cubes that come in their limeades and such? They’re perfect. I daydream about them.  (….It’s an exciting life I lead…)
Sleep: Not good. I’m waking up several times per night and then I stay awake for at least 1-2 hours each time. Basically I’m practicing for nighttime feedings… because I’m just such a good mama already.
Movement: This kid has some major reach. At any given time I can feel it crushing my pelvis, kicking my ribs and poking my sides, all at the same time. If the last bumpdate movements felt like Elaine Benes dancing, then this week is Richard Simmons workouts. Basically my baby has some really classy moves.
Symptoms: You know, I always thought that the pregnant waddle was (for the most part) exaggerated and probably avoidable. However, no. The only comfortable way for me to walk lately is with my legs 2 feet apart and my arms swinging like crazy. #seksi
Missing: I really miss not looking like a cabbage patch kid.
Happenings: We took a baby CPR class last week and as soon as we left the building I promptly forgot everything we learned. I’d like to blame pregnancy brain but that seems counterintuitive? I’ve since printed out the CPR manual and plan to make copies and stick them to every surface of our house.
Also happening, Casey and I took our babymoon trip last weekend! Which is such a ridiculous concept but I’ll take a vacation regardless of how silly it sounds. I’ll post more on that later this week… get excited.



bumpdate: 34 weeks

shawnnathompson_34weeks_bumpMan, I’m really slacking on the bumpdates lately. Remember back in the day when I was posting them every single week? Back when the idea of putting on public-appropriate clothing and smiling for the camera every few days didn’t see quite so…. difficult.  I’m just seriously slowing down lately.  Everything takes a whole lot more effort… and will power.  It’s to the point where I dread going pee because I know that after I go, I will need to eventually stand back up.

I’ve juuuust now started to freak out about how much we have to do yet before the baby gets here. I’ve been cool as a cucumber up until a few days ago, when I had the realization that I was almost (and now am) 6 weeks from D day. And this kid could totally decide to show up early (although I’m fully preparing myself for overdueness because that’ll likely be my big FAT luck). Anyway, 6 friggin weeks away!  We need a mattress for the crib!  We need to vacuum the car!  Hang bookshelves!  Do we know baby CPR?  NO?!  Then we need to take a baby CPR class!  Stock up on dog food!  Stock up on human food!  Wait, now I’m hungry!…  I currently have about 7 million to-do lists floating around my general vicinity and we actually are crossing things off those lists but it’s hard when all I want to do when I get home from work is lay in bed with my feet propped up on 7 pillows with a giant glass of ice cube water (like, a whole tray of ice cubes in a mason jar) and do nothing.  I know, I know.  Realistically I probably have some time to get all these things completed but I have a tendency to think about things as a whole instead of just one thing at a time. And I know I need to practice patience and be realistic about what can be done now vs. later vs. …. meh, never. I mean, is it really necessary to talk about having a garage sale when we don’t really even have a garage or things to sell? Probably nope.

But along with the freak outs comes the overwhelming excitement that we’re so so close to meeting our little one! It gives me the shivers to think that we’ll have a kid NEXT MONTH. It’s basically like today is Thanksgiving and the baby is Christmas. That’s the timeframe we’re looking at. And who isn’t excited for Christmas!?! Cute, tiny, adorable, shitting, barfing, time-sucking, nipple chewing, sweet, baby Christmas?!

Let’s bumpdate!

Weeks: 34 weeks
Baby is the size of: A butternut squash.
Weight gain: At my last dr appointment, I had gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks. So. There’s that.
Cravings: I’m so boring. Nothing new. Except like I said, a mason jar full of ice cube water. Oh, but I’m still really into ice cream. Uh, and coconut water. And friendship fries (which is what I call french fries because doesn’t that sound so much cuter and less greasy when you’re ordering them for yourself but pretending they’re for everyone?).
Sleep: Sleep, shmeep. I don’t think I’ll ever sleep comfortably again. Whatever. Sort of related…. I had a thought the other day that I haven’t had a single dream about our baby. That I can remember. Is this normal? I keep waiting for it to happen – for the dream gods to tell me if it’s a boy or a girl. And to tell me what to name it. And to maybe give me a hot makeout sesh with Ryan Gosling. Wishful sleeping.
Movement: SO much, all the time and Casey is officially freaked out by it. Because it’s not just sweet little kicks and hiccups… there seems to be sumo wrestling and full-force Elaine Benes dancing happening in there. I think it’s fantastic but I can see how it would freak out my giant manly husband.
Symptoms: Backaches like whoa.  Especially the lower, middle and upper back.  Know what I mean?  I actually had my first prenatal massage a couple of weeks ago… I’d been holding on to a gift certificate since Christmas, just waiting until the backage was good and ready for a nice rub down.  And seriously.  It was amazing.  Just being able to lay on my stomach for the first time in months was reward enough.  (They have a miraculous foam pad/belly hole type-situation that allows pregnant ladies to lay on their fronts during a massage without butternut squashing the babe) I now want to get a professional massage every single night.  Although I would maybe request a female next time?  Because getting a massage from a dude that is not my husband at 30+ weeks pregnant is less than ideal.  Unless it’s Ryan Gosling.  
Missing: WINE. My dad was here last weekend and we went wine tasting. And by that I mean I went Pelligrino tasting while Casey and papa drank wine. Being the lovely papa that he is though, he bought us a few bottles that we can enjoy post-baby and I’m already salivating just thinking about them. Do you think the doctor can inject an IV of wine into me as I’m pushing? Can I add that to my birth plan?
Happenings: LOTS of happs. We are done with baby classes and are now officially baby experts. Is what I’m telling myself. HA. The baby room is almost ready for its inhabitant. And yes family, I will post pictures soon.  We also met our pediatrician this morning. And were fully unprepared, of course. She asked us if we had any questions and we both just stared at each other like, oh yah we should probably have thought through what we wanted to ask the medical professional who is going to be caring for our baby’s health and well-being. Whoops. Also – it’s August!? Which means I only have 4 more weeks of work before I’m on vacation maternity leave.

Unrelated but sort of related: I know that there are a few prego ladies out there – so I’m curious if anyone would appreciate a post about my pregnancy must-haves or products? Yes, no, maybe so?