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fulfilling my fall duties.

You’re like, oh great… more photos of leaves. And I know, I know. I feel like fall barfed all over my instagram feed lately. But I don’t even care because it’s just so pretty! And let’s be honest… if you don’t take a million pictures of the leaves changing, did it really happen?

I have to say that this is the first time in 9 months that I’ve thought Minnesota beats Portland. (My parents are probably cheering.) It is just so mother effing beautiful around here lately. I mean, yes the leaves changed in Portland and it was gorg, but it was also rainy and soggy at the same time. You can hardly build a cannonball-worthy leaf pile with sloppy leaves. Ya feel?

So yes… the fall status here is bananas beautiful right now. And I’m very aware of the fact that it will be over in about 7 seconds so I’ve been really enjoying the heck out of it. I’m taking any opportunity I can to shove my kids into patches of brightly lit leaves and force them to take pictures. As any good mother would do.

We have a giant tree (don’t ask me what kind, I’m no horticulturist.) in our front yard that’s weeping the most beautiful orange and red leaves. So yesterday I did my kiddos a solid and raked them into a pretty epic leaf pile. Crosby had it to himself for a bit while Willa finished her nap. He brought a few of his favorite Daniel Tiger stuffed animals into the pile with him and alternated between shouting “this is so fun!” and screaming “mama, where’s margaret and daniel!?!?!? they’re lost in the leafs!!!” Once Willa woke up, I put her in some snowpants (naturally) and plopped her in the pile too. She wasn’t quite as sold on the fun though, especially when Crosby would pummel her with handfuls of leaves. She’s seriously such a trooper, he can be such a dweeb to her sometimes.

Also worth mentioning? While the kids were playing in this gorgy pile of deceased foliage, my dog Gus was in the house getting into our food cupboard. Again. The first thing I saw when we walked into the house was a container of cocoa powder spilled all over the floor… which is obviously a real big no no for dogs. Even though it looked like he didn’t really eat much of it at all, he did have cocoa dust on his nose, so I knew that he had probably eaten at least a little bit. We’ve had to get Gus’s stomach pumped before and it’s not fun (or cheap) so I did a quick google search and found a DIY vomit inducing tutorial for dogs. (WHAT IS MY LIFE.) Anyways! Cutting to the chase, it worked. He hurled. He’s good. The cocoa powder is now up on the highest shelf in the universe.

And on that note! MOAR PIKCHURS OF LEAFS.

And here we have Willa’s progression into eff fall, in 3…2….1….

The rest of these pictures are from sweet Bill’s bday… in which we went to the park and she was like, meh.

Ok, now I’ll leaf you alone.

It’s just that the trees are so pretty, I could yellow bout it.

Orange you glad you’re still reading this?

Sorry.  Bye.

we’re still making stuff and also we look alike?

Guys, I don’t know what our problem is but we are DIY’ing our asses off lately.  Not only did we continue to make progress on our dining room table this weekend but we also made a bench to go along with it.  AND we did some plastic-surgery on our current bar stools to make them work with our new table.  I mean???  I’m not even sure who we are anymore.  A couple weeks ago we could barely hang pictures and now we could probably host our own home-improvement show.  Casey would be Tim Taylor and I would be Al Borland.  Although Al’s a bit of a snoozefest so maybe I’d be Wilson.  I do love a good flannel….


The downside to being totally awesome at building crap (which may or may not be a giant exaggeration) is that it takes forever and it’s kind of tiring for our 28-year-young souls.  Our weekends have been bogged down with sandpaper and screwdrivers – and not the vodka-y ones – so we’ve kind of sucked at having a social life the past two weekends.  Unless you consider interactions with the staff at Home Depot socializing?  Also if you’re curious, we’ve come to realize that we like Home Depot a lot better than Lowe’s because of their (much) friendlier staff, their ability to cut 4 x 4’s and the fact that they sometimes have popcorn.  I’m not sure how I got to this point in my life where I’d have a preference between the two at all… But really, Home Depot totally wins.  

Actually yesterday we were at Lowe’s returning a lamp with an edison lamp holder that just wasn’t meant to be, and midway through our $6.80 return transaction, the saleswoman just stopped and gave us the weirdest look and then asked Casey and me if we were related.  We told her we were married… to which she said she thought we had to be related because we were both making the exact same face at the same time.  She explained the look as being “scary”.  So…. there’s that.  I mean, I’m sure that we’ve picked up some of the same mannerisms over the past 9-ish years and I also know that Casey really loves to copy some of my slang and all-around awesomeness, but we’ve never been called out on it before.  I was kind of offended.  But then as we were leaving, I caught our reflection in the window and noticed that we both had on black hats and puffy vests and were carrying pumpkin spice lattes.  So she might have had a point.  I think… we need to get out a little more.  To somewhere other than the hardware store.

I’ll share pics when the table is done-zo but in the meantime!  Here are the only pictures are took this weekend.

Home Depot woodworkers [ SEE!  Different facial expressions.  Take that, Lowe’s lady ]home depot makes sunsets[ and this is the view on the way HOME from Home Depot. ]

Can you even handle how exciting it is?

building tables and other cleansey things.

fallasfackFor a while there I kept thinking we’d have another summer heat wave but I think we’re stuck with fall people.  Which is cool because fall is my friend.  Really who can be mad at a sight like ^^ that ^^.

It’s officially the last day of our cleanse! Which is terribly exciting because the level of boring in our meals is at an all time high.  I wish I could say that we didn’t cheat at all… and that we worked out every day like we were supposed to. But we did our best, ok?  And overall I think it made us realize a few things: 1) we already are pretty healthy eaters (for the most part)… 2) everything tastes better with salt 3) we rely way too much on seasonings and sauces 4) it is next to impossible to drink 8.5 pounds of water a day 5) it is definitely possible to pee every 30 minutes 6) I’m hungry 7) and get me a beer.

I call that a successful cleanse.  Yes?

What else has been happenin’?  Last weekend we had to find creative ways to keep ourselves busy, so as to not think about all the food and drink we were missing out on.  (It was Oktoberfest, for the love of hefeweizen!)  So to keep ourselves ocupado, we of course decided to build a dining room table.  That’s a normal pastime, right?  Let me just tell you that we got off to a rocky start.  We went to 5 places trying to find pine.  As in wood.  Seriously.  I never would have thought that pine would have been a source of despair, but apparently it’s hard to come by in the PNW?  So we settled on fir, which whatever, I have no idea.  It was just stressful running around all day looking for wood that nobody had and not really understanding why.  (Plus, have I mentioned that we couldn’t drink?)  By the time we started building the table on Sunday, we were ready to be done.  But it did end up being kinda fun to build crap with our own two hands.  It’s far from finished but how cool are we for making something other than popcorn?  I’ll be sure to share some pics when we’re done.  Weee!

And on that note, I’m about to set my alarm clock for midnight.  When I’m officially cleansed of all my sins.  Forever and ever amen.