building tables and other cleansey things.

fallasfackFor a while there I kept thinking we’d have another summer heat wave but I think we’re stuck with fall people.  Which is cool because fall is my friend.  Really who can be mad at a sight like ^^ that ^^.

It’s officially the last day of our cleanse! Which is terribly exciting because the level of boring in our meals is at an all time high.  I wish I could say that we didn’t cheat at all… and that we worked out every day like we were supposed to. But we did our best, ok?  And overall I think it made us realize a few things: 1) we already are pretty healthy eaters (for the most part)… 2) everything tastes better with salt 3) we rely way too much on seasonings and sauces 4) it is next to impossible to drink 8.5 pounds of water a day 5) it is definitely possible to pee every 30 minutes 6) I’m hungry 7) and get me a beer.

I call that a successful cleanse.  Yes?

What else has been happenin’?  Last weekend we had to find creative ways to keep ourselves busy, so as to not think about all the food and drink we were missing out on.  (It was Oktoberfest, for the love of hefeweizen!)  So to keep ourselves ocupado, we of course decided to build a dining room table.  That’s a normal pastime, right?  Let me just tell you that we got off to a rocky start.  We went to 5 places trying to find pine.  As in wood.  Seriously.  I never would have thought that pine would have been a source of despair, but apparently it’s hard to come by in the PNW?  So we settled on fir, which whatever, I have no idea.  It was just stressful running around all day looking for wood that nobody had and not really understanding why.  (Plus, have I mentioned that we couldn’t drink?)  By the time we started building the table on Sunday, we were ready to be done.  But it did end up being kinda fun to build crap with our own two hands.  It’s far from finished but how cool are we for making something other than popcorn?  I’ll be sure to share some pics when we’re done.  Weee!

And on that note, I’m about to set my alarm clock for midnight.  When I’m officially cleansed of all my sins.  Forever and ever amen.

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