blues and bedhead. and wine.

You guys, I’m so sorry.  I’ve been a slacker with le blog.  I’m sure all 3 of you have been so bored for approximately 2.5 minutes of your day without my ramblings to read.  It shant happen again.  Or it probably will, but just know that I’m kind of sorry.

I don’t even have a great excuse.  It’s just, you know, life.  Also, winter blues.  I think it’s the promise of spring that’s just around the corner that makes these last bits of winter feel super lame.  We were spoiled on Saturday when it was gorgeous outside.  We took full advantage and did all kinds of sunny day stuff.  But as soon as Sunday rolled around, all grey and gross, I was like…


Actually, for this picture to be completely accurate there would need to be a pile of mozzarella sticks next to me.

Anyways!  It hasn’t been all bad lately.  Even though it’s still Gloomsday outside, it IS getting warmer.  Hooray!  And Casey bought me a really cute hoodie last week.  Hip hip!  And I ate a deviled egg last night that I will dream about for all eternity.  Yumola!  And I have a really cute dog and a really really cute husband.  Huzzah!  Throw in a bottle of Rite Aid wine and I’ve actually been a somewhat happy camper.

Anyways, more regular posting is hopefully on the horizon.  Until then, let us all join together and pray for my future children, that they do not inherit my constant state of bedhead.  Amen.


(Illustration by Gemma Correll)

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