bare it all.


Have you ever seen The Biggest Loser?  Somehow I’ve managed to avoid getting sucked in for the past 13 seasons but last night Casey and I took the plunge and watched the premier of Season 14.  It’s safe to say we’ve found our new Sunday night ritual.  If you didn’t see it or haven’t seen previews, the biggest draw is that there are kids on this season.  Adorable, sweet, squishy kids!  I think that’s primarily what sealed the deal for us… but to be honest, compared to every other reality show the contestants on this one seem like genuinely nice people!  Who knew they existed in “reality”??

What really gets me is the contestants insane strength to not only participate in the physical aspects of the show but to do it all and bare it all on national television.  They are starting the show at likely the heaviest they’ve ever been and within the first day they’re stepping on a scale and wearing nothing but spandex shorts and sports bras in front of millions of people.  Can you imagine?!?  I mean….. my holiday muffin top is hyperventilating at the thought of it.  Just, no.

Maybe it’s the fact that these people are so inspiring… or maybe it’s because we went out for a giant breakfast AND THEN shared a family-sized pizza earlier yesterday… but we decided to take a cue from the “Losers” and have a little contest of our own.  However, we’re not quite as intense as Jillian Michaels, so instead of multiple months we’re only committing to a week.  Whoever loses the most weight, percentage-wise, by next Sunday gets to enforce 30 minutes of whatever activity they choose.  Get your head out of the gutter people – we’re talking backrubs and eyebrow plucking, the stuff we both want each other to do but hate having to do for each other.  And fear not, we’re not going to beat ourselves up at the gym.  We’re just going to make it a priority to be active and make healthy choices this week… and maybe order just a large instead of a family-sized pizza.

So stay tuned, it’s gonna be a nail-biter!

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