always proof your emails. and other friday things.

Yesterday I wrote an email to a client, notifying her about an unflattering article that was written about her company.  I included a link to the article so she could see it for herself… It went a little something like this (obviously names/details have been taken out):


We got a call from someone at NEWS who said that YOUR COMPANY did SOMETHING.    Apparently that info came from this blog article.  Our response to NEWS was that this report had no merit, to our knowledge.  Just a heads up, in case you get any interesting calls.

No big deal, right?

Well, it wouldn’t have been except I effed up.  See, instead of linking to the actual article in that email, I linked to this.  Which I didn’t find out until after I sent the email and received a response from her that said “Shawnna, I think you sent me the wrong link.  Unless this is a joke?”.

I wish I could have just played it off as a joke.  But I’m not that cool.  I eventually had to respond with the right link, and apologize profusely for being a truly immature individual who gets a kick out of scary looking pugs.

Anyways, lesson learned.  Always proofread and prooflink your emails, people!

Moving on, I CAN’T EVEN handle that’s it’s Friday right now.  We have big plans for the weekend – including sitting on the couch, March Madness-ing, going to the dog park, and then sitting on the chair.  That is all.

Have a great weekend my dears!

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