bumpdate: 17-18 weeks


Weekly bump update (bumpdate?): We continue to get bigger.  The end.

P.S. Here’s a quick little story to get you through the next 2 minutes. I’ve been trying to take a little lunchtime walk every day at work in order to ward off cankle swelling and get fresh air, etc.  Usually at least one person joins me but yesterday I was on my own.  It was SO beautiful out that I took my jacket off and tied it around my waist (I just misspelled it ‘waste’, which is sad…) in an attempt to get some color on my paper white skin.  (I have a coworker who consistently asks me if I’m feeling okay because I tend to look very pale.  It’s reeeeally fun.  Sometimes I ask her to rank it… like “on a scale from anemic to dehydration, how pale do I look today?”)  I was about halfway through my walk when I realized that my inner thighs were rubbing together really uncomfortably.  I’ve heard that this happens during pregnancy but I had thought it probably wouldn’t start getting too uncomfortable until closer to month 7 or 8.  I had just worked out the day before and hadn’t noticed it so I assumed that this was a new prego side effect, that my thighs had grown significantly overnight.  By the time I made it back to the office, I was feeling pretty bad about the early onset uncomfiness of my thunder thighs… until I caught my reflection in the glass door and realized that my thighs weren’t the problem at all.  The sleeves of my jacket had just bunched up between my legs. And for the past mile, I had been walking around downtown Portland looking like I was wearing a diaper.

Make it a great day!

One thought on “bumpdate: 17-18 weeks

  1. hmmm . . . an extremely pale full grown woman wearing a diaper strolling the streets of Portland …. and you wonder why you didn’t have a walking partner?
    Hey Hon – What a hilarious post! As always, you brighten my day with your humor! Thanks for sharing your everyday adventures:)

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